Insider Peek: The First Look of Tommy Hilfiger X Gigi Hadid

Global icon, Fashion Darling and Supermodel. There are a few things left for Gigi Hadid to achieve, with her constantly killing it at all that does she does. Whether it’s setting new fashion trends to look out for or slaying it with her fashion A-game, the supermodel has been ticking all the right boxes and steering […]

Ear Suspenders Are the New Rage And We Are Blown Away

Ear accessories have become the new trend focus since the past 3 years. From feather earrings, to ear cuffs and even chandelier earrings, the focus on jewellery is putting the spotlight back on the earlobe. Remember when ear cuffs were introduced and everyone went gaga over them? They were like the same earrings you wore […]

5 Chic Looks From Myntra on Spoyl For Your Style Fix

With Myntra now aboard the Spoyl Express, it comes as no news that your wardrobe is ready to battle all that comes your way, with style. If you thought we provided the best offers, we take it a notch higher and give you even better ones with the fashion factor doubled! Shop the coolest brands from Myntra […]

How to Cash In on That Closet

There’s a chance that if you love everything that comes with a shopping bag, or in a shopping bag, you are addicted to the fashion game. But hey! We don’t blame you. We’re all about retail therapy too and who can really deny the joys of shopping especially when you’ve got a bucketload on your wish-list. […]

Fashion trends for July: Spoyl Favourites

Saying goodbye to summer, this year has embraced the downpour of rains and how. Letting off steam from the trends that have gone by this summer, we approach one step closer to the cozy part of the year. Autumn/Winter is not too far and bidding a final goodbye to the idea of summer at least, […]

How to Dress for Pokemon Go: A Girl’s Style Guide

As Pokemon Go slowly takes over the world and pledges for eventual domination one Pikachu at a time, it is undeniable that it is the biggest gaming phenomenon since Candy Crush. 90’s nostalgia has been a trend we’ve been observing since a while now in the fashion sphere. It seems the trend has translated into […]

Bomber Jackets – The ‘IT Girl’ Item of 2016

With the crisp Autumn/Winter season approaching, the need for cozy apparel has heightened. Keeping it stylish is forever a statement for fashion mavens to live by and it seems like this season, fashion veterans have found their muse in bomber jackets. There’s nothing that spells cool like outerwear with its innate effortless charm and the […]

8 Books To Read If You Love Everything That’s Fashion

Long before completely gripping audiences and giving us the ironically larger-than-life feisty editor-in-chief of Runway Magazine, Miranda Presitly, The Devil Wears Prada was a bestselling fictional novel that was loosely based on current Vogue editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour. The book explored the gruelling face beneath the glamorous front of the fashion industry and the hardships of those […]

Priyanka Chopra: From Fashion Fail to Fashion Fiend

A lookback at our film industry’s resident global icon and legit superstar, will only show you how illustrious a career she has grown over the years and her undeniable world domination in recent times. It’s only obvious with her being crowned Miss World in 2000. There’s nothing she hasn’t already done and there’s proof. Whether […]

3 Ways to Crop It Like It’s Hot this Summer

Crop tops are undoubtedly the official clothing item of the season and a key piece to your wardrobe when it comes to surviving the weather. Even then, the crop is versatile as it gets and is proof that it can fit into just about any occasion. Don’t believe us? Let us show you! Either way […]