5 Monsoon Style Tips

No more “Summertime Sadness” for the monsoons are finally here!

And who said monsoons had to be dark and cloudy? In fact, we think it’s the best season to Spoyl your fashionable selves with some cheerful and bold outfit choices.

So this season don’t let the rains dampen your spirit for we have the perfect style tips to brighten up those monsoon blues.

1. Short & Cropped

image source: fashion makes trends

Short and sweet is the way to go this season. Invest in some cute shorts or capris and look monsoon ready. Palazzos and culottes are not just “cool for the summer”. They are super comfy and dries easily unlike denim. Pair them with a laid-back tee or a girly top and you are ready to go.

2. Up your Print Game

image source: Pinterest

Go for bright and bold florals, abstract or dip-dye styles to add that pop of colour to your monsoon wardrobe. Also choose dark over pastels and white.

3. Back to Basics

image source: fashion makes trends

Basics are the way to go when dressing up for the cloudy days. Keep it minimal but combine sporty details like stripes with your essentials to look casual and on-the-go.

4. Easy Breezy Fabrics

image source: Spoyl

Pick out light and comfortable monsoon fabrics like cotton, georgette and crepe. Avoid heavy denim, linens etc. as it can get messy and add to your laundry woes.

5. Bare it with PVC

image source: Pinterest

The PVC trend is here to stay and we are crushing on these see-through shoes which are the IT shoes for the monsoon. Popularized by brands like Yeezy this translucent footwear makes monsoon dressing something to look forward to.

Now that you are updated with our tips, keep monsoon gloom at bay and shop for your favourite trends on Spoyl app and get ready to slay!