Every daughter is her daddy’s princess, like every father is his daughter’s first love. There resided an unmatched feeling and unnamed emotion. He is her savior, her mentor and the solution to all her worries..  A girl is always successful with getting him to agree to her demands and needs, she always gets her way with him, she is his weakness and he can never see her upset. And when it’s time to go away from him, there are numerous thoughts that pace through her mind and that she wants to tell her dad…

Keeping all those emotions in mind, here are the 10 things that every girl wishes to tell her dad.


1.I Love You!

Father's day

You are and will always be my first, true love. Though I don’t say it enough, I love you!

2.You Are Really Handsome

Father's day

It’ll be hard for anyone I meet to keep up with your style and finesse.

3. Your Love Is Self-less

Father's day

All those times you sacrificed your personal interests for the family– a thank you isn’t enough.

4.I’ll  Always Be There For You

Father's day

You’ve always been there for me and now  it’s my turn. You give me a call and I’ll be by your side.

5. I Will Miss You.. Real Bad

Father's day

 I wanted to escape your lectures on life and responsibilities, I  know I will miss it all.

6. You Are My Constant For Life

Father's day

For new men might come into my life but you will always be my constant companion.

7. Thank You For My Great Childhood

Father's day

For bearing with me even at my worst , for listening to me, for goofing around with me, for all the secrets we shared, for cursing my ex-boyfriends with me, for all my no-reason gifts, for all those beautiful memories you gave…

8. You Made Me Brave!

Father's day

 You made sure I got over all my fears and that I was not scared of anything in life.

9. I’m Because Of You

Father's day

I am proud to be a woman with honor and dignity. All that I’m today, is because of you.

10. Will Always Be Daddy’s Little Princess

Father's day

I know, no matter how old I get I will always be a little girl to you. And I know you are worried about me being all grown-up someday but.. I was, I am and I will always be your little girl.


Dad you will always be my superhero.. Happy Father’s Day

Father's day

Which of these is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!