Quirk up that kurta

We love a good casual Indian outfit. It’s always fail-safe when you want to look good without working too hard. There’s a certain unexplainable charm about kurtas. They are equal parts elegant, comfortable and incredibly versatile.

Kurtas are the White Tee equivalent when it comes to Indian wear. So much so that you’ll put the idea of styling kurtas with jeans on the backburner and make these 3 chic styles your go-to kurta looks:

Modern Muse

Kurta - Urmi Daga

When it comes to donning a kurta, the idea of mixing it up with casual accessories rarely strikes. But when it does, it looks amazing. Urmi Daga of ‘What Wear How’ shows us just that as she takes her kurta to the next level with the simple addition of a belt and a scarf. The belt adds a beautiful break in the otherwise monotonous color palette whilst simultaneously cinching the waist. We love how simple yet striking this outfit is.

Desi Doll

Kurta - Komal Pandey

Forget what the neighborhood aunties will say. Ditch your pants and wear kurtas as dresses. Komal Pandey of ‘The College Couture’ demonstrates it perfectly. We love the bright pops of color that makes the kurta super vivid and young. The scarf tied around her hair only adds to the coolness of the easy and relaxed outfit. A perfect idea for summer, no?

White on White Done Right

Kurta - Kritika Khurana

We love a good monotone outfit, especially if it’s an all-white getup. There’s something inherently crisp and chic about a head-to-toe white outfit. So while we were certain that the style is uber modish, Kritika Khurana of ‘ThatBohoGirl’, just showed us how to ace it with a kurta. If you thought white on white was reserved for last rites and ceremonies, think again. The blogger shows us that layering chunky silver jewelry and sporting equally chunky shoes was the way to nail a head-to-toe white kurta look!

What are your different ways to style a kurta?

Let us know in the comments below!

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