We love a good six yards of beauty. The most sure shot way to looking elegant in all its simplicity is by donning a good ol’ saree. Its sheer effortlessness, the tradition with which it’s passed from mother to daughter and its utter representation of womanhood. A saree is so much more than just a piece of fabric and deserves undue respect for its beauty! While most times the unbridled charm comes along with ease, many commit a faux pas that take it from wow to whah – and not in a good way. From knots to Saree DO NOTS! Let us usher you into the art of Saree wearing and help you avoid serious no-no’s that are absolutely ludicrous and ridiculous – both in equal measures!

Saree DO NOTS!


1. Avoid Tucking Your Saree Low


Saree 101: 3 Saree Do Nots To Save Your Outfit

Source: bollygasm.blogspot.in


The beauty of sarees lie in its ability to lure attention to it without having to try hard, or try at all! A saree denotes grace and elegance, and a low tuck is anything but! Believe us when we say that it makes heads turn – though not appreciatively so. A decent mid-waist tuck is the perfect height for a well structured and well-worn saree. Bipasha Basu presents a fine specimen as Exhibit A of serious saree do nots!

2. Avoid Handbags or Any Enormous Bag

Saree 101: 3 Saree Do Nots To Save Your Outfit

Source: www.movies.sulekha.com

Now Hema Malini might be your classic leading lady, knowing a thing or two about sarees but we’re just a no on that bag. Don’t get us wrong! We love the bag, but the delicate and tender traditional beauty of her saree is totally harshed by the addition of that mini-bag. Now, a little potli bag or a clutch? That’s more our speed. And although we’re all for comfort over style (Sometimes!), those shoes could have done with some reconsideration as well.

3. Avoid Over-accessorising

Saree 101: 3 Saree Do Nots To Save Your Outfit

Source: www.starplus.in

We love our accessories, we really do. But putting all of them at once? We’d stray away from that! Sarees have a poise and allure of its own. Avoid making it noisy and dulling its shine by going overboard with the accessories. S saree tends to be heavy by itself, and adding plenty of accessories to the mix just makes it look tacky. You don’t need one of each! Serious saree do nots right here, folks!

Which saree do nots do you hate?

Let us know in the comments!

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