Declutter this Diwali

It’s an unsaid law of nature that old must always make way for new. No doubt all of you are making plans to buy new things this Diwali, but what about the stuff which you don’t use anymore? All those precious “treasures” which are rotting away in a corner can be really useful to someone else. Instead of throwing your old stuff in the dumpster, you could consider selling them on Spoyl.

Here are 4 things you can sell for a cleaner, greener and happier Diwali.


Diwali Sale - Handbags

Let’s be honest! There is such a thing as too many handbags. Your gal pals might try to convince you otherwise but ask yourself, are you doing your handbags justice by keeping them locked up in your wardrobe? Of course not! So why not start selling them this Diwali? Especially when those “gifts” from abroad which you have no intention of using might actually fetch you a fortune!


Diwali Sale - Sunglasses

Finding the right fit might have taken you some significant amount of time, so it might be hard for you to part ways with a good pair of sunglasses. But times are constantly changing and along with them, fashion trends. Those awesome shades you bought 5 years ago are probably outdated, out of style and maybe even ‘out of use’. So why keep hoarding them up? Sell them to people who still like older looks rather than what’s trending. Make their Diwali bright while you pocket a good amount of money yourself.


Diwali Sale - DVDs

This reminds us of the days we used to collect audio cassettes. Such awesome collections they were, it hurts that most of them went to rot and had to be thrown away. We don’t want you to go through what we had to go through. If your DVD collection is lying idle, then sell them to people who are still using them. With people paying extravagant prices for the right movies and albums, there is money to be made. And especially with Diwali around, people tend to get more nostalgic about old movies. So start selling!

Gifts from Your Ex

Diwali Sale - Light-Up Shoes

Yes, it was good while it lasted. But now that you have gone your separate ways, it is time to move on. And what better way to do it than by selling all those expensive gifts? No, we definitely aren’t talking about that cute little puppy. We’re talking about those expensive watches you never liked and those light-up shoes you never bothered to wear. That’s easy money for more chocolates and tubs of ice-creams for you; and cool new Diwali gifts for others.

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