Hey Gorgeous, Let us tell you something, just in case no one told you- You are your own kind of beautiful and let no one put you down ever! What defines you is your attitude and your million dollar smile, not your size.

So next time when someone calls you ‘fat’, just gives them these amazing comebacks to shut them up!

1. I believe in staying healthy, which I am! What are you talking about?

2. Oh! I forgot you walked the ramp for Victoria’s Secret.

3. I can fix it whenever I want, but God only knows to fix your mouth. Do you kiss people with that?

4. I have got some extra brain as well? Just in case you want some!

5. Dear, you are just tempting me to sit on you!


So girls, stay just the way you are, stay healthy and stay beautiful! Let us know which comeback you liked the most in the comments section below! :*