5 Crazy Easy Last Minute Halloween Outfits

As we tether on the brink of Halloween, many thoughts come to mind. Would Regina George approve of our outfits? Are we fetch enough? The spooky night is upon us and everybody has got their game face on to put on the best outfit. Unlike some Halloween enthusiasts, us procrastinators can’t help but wait until the last minute to get our freak on. Want to get creative with your outfit at the 11th hour? We found 5 outfits that are already hanging in your closet. We’ve got you covered!


5 Crazy Easy Last Minute Halloween Outfits


1. Rosie The Riveter

5 Crazy Easy Last Minute Halloween Outfits

This cultural icon has long been celebrated as the ultimate symbol of feminism. The quote “We can do it” that accompanied the image quickly heralded a move that changed the social and economic perspective of woman during World War 2. Not only is the character supremely popular but the outfit is as easy as pie. All you need is a denim shirt folded up to your elbows, your everyday pair of jeans, black boots and a red bandana. If you don’t have the latter of the two you can always opt for black sneakers and a red piece of cloth or fabric. Finish off with a bright red lipstick, here we go!

2. A Party Animal

5 Crazy Easy Last Minute Halloween Outfits

Go the literal route with the term and get wild! Not only is this DIY costume super easy but also tres convenient. It’s as simple as putting on your best party clothes with the addition of a few fancy accessories. Bring out your animal print and bling everything and don your party heart. Paint your face with make up and your favourite animal print and you’re there! There is no literal translation as stylish as this one!

3. Regina George

5 Crazy Easy Last Minute Halloween Outfits

Finally an outfit that will gain approval from even the meanest of girls. Whether you’re the biggest bully in the yard, the girl next door or the most adorable geek, when you put on your Regina George outfit, you’re the meanest girl there. This iconic outfit is remembered by all with Cady’s attempts to sabotage Regina’s popularity in a bid to overthrow the resident Queen Bee. All you need is a plain white tank top, a black skirt, a purple bra and a pair of scissors to cut out holes for the bra. Channel the Regina George kind of confidence and the outfit is a winner. Enlist the help of your army of skanks to add authenticity. So fetch!

4. Frida Kahlo

Art lovers rejoice! A character you can finally dress up as. Frida Kahlo’s popularity in the cultural sphere has made her a much appreciated character. She was known for her legendary unibrow that garnered a lot of attention and was celebrated by beauty enthusiasts even years after her demise. All you need to be her this Halloween, is a plain white top or lace top, a maxi skirt or a ghaghra skirt, a solid coloured shawl, chunky jewellery and a flower crown. Draw a unibrow using a pencil kajal and put on a bright coloured lipstick. Voila, Frida!

5. Wednesday Addams

5 Crazy Easy Last Minute Halloween Outfits

Child of doom and all around badass Wednesday Addams of the Addams family is not only one of the coolest characters to dress up as but also one of the simplest. Bring out your inner goth princess with a plain black collared dress. You can always layer a black T-shirt with a white shirt for alternative options. Put on black tights with chunky black booties and wear the black lipstick you have always wanted to. Pigtails tied, you’ve already killed the game.


So what are you dressing up as this Halloween? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Halloween!