5 Easy Style Tips To Look Expensive

We all want to look like a million bucks when it comes to our entire look. Is it not? The problem which obstructs this desire of ours is ‘money’? No, it’s actually all about ‘the right styling’!

Most of us think to look expensive we have to invest a lot of money. But the truth is, it’s not always about wearing big brands or lots of expensive items. Here are 5 must-know style tips which will make you look luxe. Go on reading the narrative to know them all.

1. Match Your Shoes To Your Handbag

Block Heels


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  1. Block Heels

Matching your shoes to your handbag is a necessary guideline to follow if you want to look classy and stylish. Medium-sized heels could do wonder in this realm. It will flatter your figure and will also give you the needed match for your overall dress-up style.


2. Wear Single But Weighty Accessory


Going overboard with the accessory just snatches the elegant look. So to get the expensive look, wear just one accessory that should be weighty enough to attract attention. For instance, a bracelet with big stones is the ultimate choice.


3. Add A Belt And Tuck In For Polish

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  1. Printed Shirt


The rules of fashion have changed and ‘tuck in the shirts’ is an important one. Currently, ‘doing the tuck in’ to the front part of the shirt has become a rage. Girls do it to add a classy look to their appearance. Big brands like Gucci has displayed this style element in some of its recent fashion shows.


4. Quality Over Everything




Do not fall prey to the ‘fast fashion trend’ and buy cheap apparels. This is because most of the wardrobe malfunctions happen with the clothes that are cheap. A solid and good quality garment does not just last for a longer time but also gives confidence to the person to carry it without any fear of malfunctioning. A person having even little knowledge of fashion can easily gauge the difference between a cheap apparel and the good-quality one. So why to take a risk with your class?


5. Wear Your Confidence


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  1. Jacket

Even if you do not follow anyone’s style, your own personal style can make you look as expensive as it gets. The trick is to just be confident with whatever you don. Be it a neon color top or a loose bottom-wear, confidence makes everything appear of high standards.


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