Eid is an important Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan. To celebrate, it’s common for people to swag out and flash their beautiful new looks. It’s time to find that perfect Eid clothing. So in order to help with the conflict, here are some beautiful outfit ideas for this Eid!

5 Eid Outfit Inspirations For The Traditional Indian Mind!

1. Pristine Whites!

 Eid Clothing

A beautiful ensemble in the neutral shades to bring the purity of the celebration would take  your complete look up a notch.

2. Charming Enchantress.

 Eid Clothing

Keep it beautiful and charming in an embroidered anarkali suit.  Pair the heavy suit with minimal statement accessories to finish the look.

3. Pleats & Pastel

 Eid Clothing

Be it traditional or modern, a perfect combination of pastel and pleats is all you need this Eid. Try adding a traditionally modern twist to the normal look.

4. Black Grandeur

 Eid Clothing

A simple and traditional look for Eid prayers? Try this traditional and evergreen combinations of black and white with the gold highlights for the spark of celebration.

5. Tempting Layers!

 Eid Clothing

We would never want to leave out the beauty of layers in this specially picked choices.  What could be more appropriate than a beautifully layered suit that can keep things  classy.

Which is your choice for this Eid? Let us know in the comments below!!