When it comes to home décor, every year brings in an exciting array of interior design trends. With Instagrammable living spaces blowing up, it’s only obvious that we’d like to own modern interiors that make our spaces more contemporary. These top 5 home décor trends are what are popular this year for making your home just that little bit fancier.

Pantone Green

Home Décor - Pantone green

ICYMI, the Pantone Color of The Year is Greenery. The green-yellow toned shade has been picked because of its refreshing, nurturing and tranquil properties. Considering our fast paced lives, adding pops of Pantone green to your home will definitely give it a rejuvenated look. Tired are the safe neutral shades. This year living spaces are all about blooming into lush spaces that revive your senses. If you find the color to be too bold, adding accent chairs for a splash of color is a subtle way to pull it off. Trendy little terrariums and potted plants are a good way to incorporate the hue into your home too.


Home Décor - Brass

Shiny coppers with fancy rose gold accents are out. 2017 has paved way rustic interior touches. From natural materials like wood, cork and clay to humble brass. Burnished metals like it will bring a scaled down, minimalistic effortlessness to your home. Think lamps, decorative pieces and even tableware. The homey aesthetic combined with a relaxed industrial look is perfect for packing on style without being garish.


Home Décor - Velvet

Home décor trends of 2017 are big on lush and opulent elements. Especially velvet is a top pick this year. The plus and lavish fabric is already having a major moment this year, and it further catapults into home décor. With its versatility, velvet is a BIG trend this year. It can be casual or formal and is always, always elegant. An ideal addition for your home, surely.

Matte finishes

Home Décor - Matte finishes

Finishes might seem like a small deal when picking out interior pieces but they make all the difference. Glossy, shiny finishes are on the way out and matte black makes it way in. The sleek and modern matte black finishes can be seen with the case of appliances, drawers and even faucets. The trend is super sleek and stands out to say the least.

Jewel Tones

Home Décor -Jewel Tones

Home décor trends of 2017 have definitely been gravitating towards rich jewel tones. The all-white minimalist look is out, experts say. With the growing bohemian aesthetic, rich and vibrant tones have been a popular choice for interior styles. Bold shades like teal, bright purples, vibrant greens and ruby reds are the tones most used. These rich colors exude an air of luxurious ambience that’s bold and equally chic at the same time. Whether a vivid wall or a striking set of jewel toned curtains, incorporating the trend is easy as it gets.