No More Cracked Heels

Not drinking enough water, cold weather and soaking your feet too long in hot water are some of the reasons for cracked heels. With winter fast approaching, people tend to do all of the above, dare we say rather frequently. Unfortunately for a few, their heels start cracking.

Here are 5 ways you can cure cracked heels and say goodbye to the pain.

Moisturize with Foot Cream

Cracked Skin - Moisturize with Foot Cream

The skin cracks because of a loss of moisture. The most common thing to do is to wash your feet cleanly with lukewarm water, dry it thoroughly and apply a moisturizing cream before going to bed. Moisturizers that contain lactic, salicylic or uric acid work best on cracked feet.

Vegetable Oil

Cracked Skin - Apply Vegetable Oil

Hydrogenated vegetable oils can prevent and cure cracked heels, especially olive, sesame and coconut oils. For quick results, wash your feet daily with soapy lukewarm water, scrub with a pumice stone, dry your feet thoroughly and apply the oil liberally on the affected areas of the feet before going to sleep. Wearing a pair of socks while sleeping helps accelerate the process.  

Neem and Turmeric Paste

Cracked Skin - Neem and Turmeric Paste

Neem, along with its many medicinal properties, is also a power fungicide. Mixing neem with turmeric powder, an antioxidant, and applying over dry, cracked skin soothes it and fights infections. Crush neem with turmeric powder to form a paste. Apply the paste over cracked skin and let it rest for half an hour. Then wash your feet with lukewarm water and wipe them dry. Do this daily for faster relief.

Glycerin and Rosewater

Cracked Skin - Glycerin and Rosewater

Glycerin is a natural moisturizer while rosewater, which is vitamin rich, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Mixing the two in equal proportions and applying it on your heels before bedtime, helps cure cracked heels.

Milk and Honey

Cracked Skin - Milk and Honey

Like Glycerin, milk is also a natural moisturizer. The combination of milk and honey (a natural antibacterial), forms an exfoliator that can help cure cracked feet. Soaking your feet in this mixture and massaging helps loosen the dead skin. Later, wash your feet with lukewarm water, dry it with a towel and apply a moisturizer for faster recovery.

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