Comic books are a big deal! But it’s their movie adaptations that reach a larger audience. The movie versions of popular superheroes seem to have a profound effect on people, influencing their lives in many ways. Many popular looks these days were actually inspired by superhero movies.

Here are 5 superheroes who have had a big impact on people’s fashion choices:

Batman/ Bruce Wayne

Superheroes - Batman

The original ‘genius, billionaire, playboy (but is he?), philanthropist’ has been played by a number of suave gentlemen. Style-wise, no one pulled off a better Bruce Wayne than George Clooney and more recently Ben Affleck. Batfleck’s Bruce Wayne is setting the standards of what a billionaire’s (or a wannabe billionaire but a real-life pauper like me) wardrobe should look like. Perfectly fitting, off-the-hip pants; crisply ironed, spotless shirts; shoes shined to a gleam – Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne wardrobe is simply perfect.

Captain America/ Steve Rogers

Superheroes - Captain America

Having woken up from his cryosleep after almost 70 years, Steve Rogers’ fashion preference is a little old school. Chris Evans, as cap, likes to keep it simple with a pair of jeans, cotton tee and boots. This look is a popular among a lot of youngsters because it is simple and minimalist.

Wolverine/ Logan

Superheroes - Logan

When the first X-Men movie came out, a large number of X-Men fans and all the Wolverine fans were extremely disappointed. Not only was Hugh Jackman an unknown quantity, the very absence of the yellow and blow outfit was a heartbreaker. Fast forward 17 years and all of us are yet to come to terms with the fact that Hugh Jackman will not be donning those claws anymore. Jackman caught hold of the character by the scruff of its neck and made it his own. The casual ‘blue Jeans, vest/tee, checked shirt and leather jacket’ look is among the top looks of the century. Almost two decades on and the look is still in vogue.

Wonder Woman/ Diana

Superheroes - Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot has a given a new lease of life to one of our favourite superheroes. You can keep using adjectives like regal, classy, cool, glorious, gorgeous and more and still not do justice to the lady and her version of the character. Needless to say, all of us are not just in love with her but also her fashion choice as Diana. We have come across many outfits inspired by Wonder Woman.

Catwoman / Selina Kyle

Superheroes - Catwoman

Yes, Michelle Pfeiffer looked raunchy and lethal in them claws, we don’t disagree. But Anne Hathaway brought a certain kind of class to the character, especially without the mask as Selina Kyle. Street smart with an elegant black dress & Martha Wayne’s pearls, Hathaway became a style icon for a whole generation of young adults after the release of Dark Knight Rises. Even her Catwoman costume was a style statement, unlike the latex-clad Michelle. Black spandex jackets, tights, and boots look cool & sexy. Latex, not so much!


Superheroes - Joker

While he’s no superhero, for us, Joker had to be on this list. You know, because he’s too cool and crazy enough to take on any of the dudes mentioned above. While joker has always been a cult character, his sex appeal went through the roof after Heath Ledger’s performance. The green waistcoat and purple suit have been a style statement for a better part of a decade now.

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