We know we aren’t the only ones who think of the 90’s when we think 10 years ago. Wrap your head around the fact that 10 years ago was in fact 2007! That time when us millennials were probably aged somewhere between 8 to 17.

Weird, right? We know! As unbelievable as it might be, 2007 was also a great time for trends and boy were they out there! From Paris Hilton being the catalyst behind the popularity of tracksuit sets to an undeniable emo phase set by Avril Lavigne! Some trends from 2007 are best left behind.


5 Trends From 2007 That Really Shouldn’t Come Back


1. Text on the back of your sweatpants

5 Trends From 2007 That Really Shouldn't Come Back

Source: www.lyst.com


Sweatpants are probably anyway the least sexiest item in your wardrobe, but add writing it on the back and it’s even worse. Double whammy if it’s bedazzled. We really hope this trend never makes a comeback! That story is done and dusted!

2. Mini Skirts/Dresses and leggings

5 Trends From 2007 That Really Shouldn't Come Back

Source: www.vhudgensstyle.com


Mini skirts and especially denim mini’s are super cute on their own. They were a staple in 2007 and after leggings made the scene, this now unfavourable combination blew up! Don’t get us wrong, it still is cute, comfortable and perfect if you want to cover up but we’re just so past this trend! It’s all about leggings, oversized sweatshirts and mid-riffs now. YAS athleisure!

3. Low Rise Jeans

5 Trends From 2007 That Really Shouldn't Come Back

Source: www.mtv.com


Low rise jeans were THE rage back then. Also called hip-huggers these jeans were uncomfortably low and skinny. These extremely low-rise denims were worn by everyone – from Lindsay Lohan to Hillary Duff and all your childhood superstars. So much so that it snowballed into such a big trend that the flame was blown out as fast as it began. And for good reason!

4. Ed Hardy Merchandise

5 Trends From 2007 That Really Shouldn't Come Back

Source: www.lifeandstylemag.com

This trend from 2007 was unforgivably ugly but also kind of sick, we won’t deny it. Although let’s be honest. There was nothing really unique about these t-shirts. Same old embellishment, skulls, hearts and glitter! It’s like every stupid tattoo you’d want to get on a drunken whim. The pseudo-coolness and price tag on these t-shirts are enough for us to want to turn away, anyway!

5. Bras with invisible or bedazzled straps


Source: www.inonit.in


Ladies, we’re not fooling anyone with these supposedly ‘invisible’ bra straps. Again, 2007 was 10 years ago and we’ve come a long way since with modern designs for bras. With interchangeable bra straps and other multi-purpose designs, it’s easier to conceal you straps or have none at all. Much easier and definitely much better. Let’s leave these trends from 2007 back where it was, thank you!

Time you update yourself with the latest fashion trends of 2017!

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