Kids' Winter Wear

With the mild winter chill setting in, winter wear from our closets are making their way out. For kids that means the excitement of finally getting cozy in their warm hoodies and favorite sweatshirts. Kids being kids will still want to play out come rain, shine or cold. These 5 winter wear essentials for your kids will ensure that they stay warm and safe yet stylish enough at any temperature without breaking your bank!

A classic hooded sweatshirt

Winter Wear - Hooded Sweatshirt

Sweatshirts are the best option when it comes to keeping kids warm. It’s easy to wear and comfortable. Mostly, it’s a piece of clothing that kids can grow into and use for years to come so you don’t have to regularly buy winter wear and spend money.  They’re the perfect option when it’s just a tad bit nippy outside or when you would like to layer up for when it’s super chilly. The hood also gives extra protection and covers the ears for added safety. Definitely a staple piece of winter wear when it comes to keeping your little ones snug as a bug. Kids love it and so will you.

Thermal wear

Winter Wear - Thermals

The outdoors is to kids what being indoor is to us as adults. Making kids wear thermal wear underneath their clothes is the best bet to keep them warm without getting fussy. Thermal wear pack in the heat between the fibers and traps warm air. Think of it like the foundation to build upon the base layers. With good thermals, your child may need fewer clothes, so they’re a good investment. The wicking layer will ensure that your cub doesn’t get cold.

A Light Jacket

Winter Wear - Light Jackets

In cities like Mumbai, where cold is not exactly the case and slight chills are all that’s experienced, a light jacket is all you need. Perhaps a warm hoodie, a snug cardigan or even a thick denim jacket, should be just fine for the little ones.

A Thick Jacket

Winter Wear - Thick Jackets

In case of cities that experience winters more intensely, a thick jacket or outerwear is a definite essential for kids. Apart from the heat that is insulated by layering, a good thick coat or any kind of outerwear serves guard against the chill. They’re an absolute must-have for the harsh cold.


Winter Wear - Accessories

It’s easy to dismiss these additional pieces while you try to keep your kids safe and warm. However, they play as important a role as any piece of clothing. With festivities during winters, it’s a good idea to make your little girl wear thick stockings if dresses are the choice of the evening. Stockings made of wool or fleece help keep the legs warm and unexposed to the cold. Similarly, hats or beanies are also key in keeping your kids warm. Kids’ ears get cold rather quickly, so it’s a good idea to get a cap that covers them completely and keeps them comfortable. In colder climates, gloves and woolen scarves are a fine idea too.

All said and done, do ensure that you do not overdo it and layer them up too much. If you thinking padding them up in a lot of layers will keep them warm, think again. Your kids may begin to feel hot and might shed off some of the extra layers that make them uncomfortable. A good base should keep them just fine and warm enough without getting uneasy. That’s the good thing about layers; you can put them on and get them off easily, so long as you have a good foundation.

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