Who says you need a guy to be happy and fulfilled? We know it’s lovely to have someone in your life. It’s delightful to have someone to share special moments, secrets, affection and sexy-time. Say if Mr Right (in the form of Tom Hiddleston or Jake Gyllenhaal) rolled up and looked into your eyes, you would ride happily into the sunset with him.

It’s just that whining about single life won’t change things. You should enjoy every bit of the single freedom until you finally find that perfect guy and take residence in the perfect house (or maybe a condo with a view of the beach). So until that right guy turns up in front of you (which he would) read on to relate to the amazing things you are enjoying as a single woman!

6 Awesome Things Only A Single Woman Can Enjoy!

1. Enjoying sleep a lot more.

Single woman

Relax and enjoy the freedom of sleeping in your own bed. You can toss and turn, read, get up and sleep in as much as you want and you will disturb nobody.

2. Loving your own company.

Single woman

 Like being alone and enjoying our own company. We have not forgotten the value of friendship and we can dedicate so much more time to friends who really matter, without ever worrying whether our spouse will like them.

3. Not having to share your space with anyone.

Single woman

Everyone has dated someone who had friends or family you didn’t get along with. His brother was a drama king, his friends never left etc.When single, you only deal with people you want.

4. More time to hang out with your friends.

Single woman

Hanging out with the ladies, having girl talks, watching chick flicks, shopping, lunching, going to the spa and other things you can only do with women. We need that feminine balance in our lives, we crave it when we don’t have it.

5. You can get lazy in your grooming.

Single woman

That constant shaving, waxing, plucking, etc. You could get back to the fresh face, easy hair, comfy clothes and minimal makeup.

6. Live and Love the mess.
Single woman

Being single is wonderful when it comes to not having to clean up and or tidy our mess every time!

 To all the people who want to know why you are still single… 

Single woman

What is your favourite about being single? Share with us in the comment box below!!

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