Cozy Styles - Sweaters

As monsoon gives way to autumn, the chills slowly start creeping in, literally! The craving for staying-in all day with a hot cup of coffee is ever so high. But, inevitably you need to stretch those lazy legs and get yourself to work and later to the club. In order to keep your social life up, you need to revamp your closet and the most important element for this and the forth-coming season are ‘the sweaters’.

Following are 6 sweater styles you should know.

Oversize Turtleneck Sweaters


Oversize Sweater

This has to be the trend of this decade. Year after year, come autumn and winter, women have never failed to flaunt these funky yet classy yet comfy sweaters and we have never stopped loving them. You can pair them with anything – skirts or jeans or skinny pants, and they’ll never look out of place.

Turtleneck Sweaters


Turtleneck Sweater

Regular Turtlenecks are as sophisticated as their oversized counterparts. Elegant and graceful, you can pair them with jeans, wear them under dresses or snuggle inside an overcoat and look like the smoothest girl in town.

Sweaters with Ruffles


Sweater with Ruffles

This pattern, which has been a favourite among fashion Gods for a few years now, has also taken over the sweaters in your wardrobe. Found on either the sleeves or adorning the entire apparel, ruffles are the look of the season.

Puffed Sleeve Sweaters


Puffed Sleeve Sweater

Another sweater trend that is doing the rounds lately is the puffed-sleeve look. It adds a fashion and regal element to your sweater, making you look like a person who knows her style.

Crop Sweaters


Crop Sweater

Crop sweaters are among the top trends for winter 2017. Suave yet intriguing, you can wear them with your skinny denim or skirts and waltz around the town like a diva.

Cold Shoulder Sweaters


Cold Shoulder Sweater

Just by looking at them, you can say that these would be perfect for dates. But you can wear them to various occasions. For instance, pair them with a skinny fit jean or a skirt and wear it on your next date. Oh jeez! I did it again! You know what, wear it whenever you like but definitely on a date. Seriously!

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