Technology is ever evolving and your smartphone won’t be the smartest forever. So, nobody is going to blame you if you decide to sell your phone of two years for a good price. But before selling, there are a few vital tips that you should keep in mind.

Here are 6 things to remember before selling your smartphone:

Evaluate your phone’s worth

Evaluate Phone's worth

Even if you are only considering selling your phone and haven’t decided yet, checking it’s worth could help. There are several websites that help you determine your phone’s current value, based on its condition and handling. With the market value at hand, you can make a faster sale by selling it for a lower price on apps like Spoyl.

Remove the SIM card

Remove the SIM

While this sounds like the most obvious suggestion, there have been instances where people have sold their phones with their SIM still intact. So why take chances? Prevention is always better than cure. Check twice for the SIM before you offload your phone.

Sync Your Data with the Cloud

Sync Your Data with the Cloud

Make sure you do this often. With migrating seemingly easier than before, syncing is the best way to store your data. Especially if you are, like me, one of those last surviving souls using a Microsoft OS, make sure you sync your contacts and calendar with a google account. This makes shifting to android much easier.

Perform Factory Reset

Perform Factory Reset

Factory reset will erase all your data from the device. Once you have backed up everything that’s important, do not forget to perform a Factory Reset. Make sure you have included the external memory storage in the process as well. In case the SD card isn’t part of the sale, copy as much as data as possible from your phone’s memory to the SD card before the Factory Reset.

Repair it as much as you can

Repair It

Try replacing the cracked screen and the battery cover, if it’s within your budget. The better the aesthetic, the higher the price you can sell.

Rebox it properly

Rebox It

Even if you don’t have the box in which the brand new phone arrived, pack all the essentials properly in another box. If not anything, make sure the phone is delivered along with it’s charger and earphones at the least.


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