Give Your Home a Grown-Up Vibe

As you grow up, so should your surroundings. After getting a job and moving into your own house, you can’t keep living like a college student. Here are 6 tips that can help you redecorate your house like a grown up!

Matching dishes and silverware

Grown Up Home - Matching Cutlery

Back in college, you made do with what you had. Your plate and spoon had nothing in common. But now that you are an adult who has guests visiting your place frequently, buying matching cutlery is very important. Even your wine glasses should be complementing your dishes and silverware.

Clean sheets and pillows

Grown Up Home - Clean sheets and Pillows

A well-kempt bed is the mark of a grown-up’s residence. Make your bed every morning and change the sheets regularly. Everything has to be clean and spotless if you want your house to look like a grown-up’s!

Invest in furniture

Grown Up Home - Furniture (Dining Table)

For an adult, owning a dining table and sofa is a must. When we say invest, we don’t mean burning all your hard earned money. You can even choose to buy good, second hand furniture at affordable prices.

Salt and pepper shakers

Grown Up Home - Salt and Pepper Shakers

They might not look like much, but salt and pepper shakers on your table are an indication that a grown-up lives in the house. While you may have poured them directly from their containers when you were in college, guests who visit your house may not prefer you doing that.

Matching curtains

Grown Up Home - Matching Curtains

Just because we said matching, you shouldn’t be considering the white ones that usually adored hostel rooms. Go for something which is more ‘you’. You can even have different coloured curtains in different rooms, as long as they don’t look out of place. And trust us, good curtains needn’t necessarily be expensive.  

Frame Your Posters

Grown Up Home - Frame your posters

Remember those days when you used to stick the posters of flashy cars, sports Gods and movie stars on your wall crammed up next to each other? You should forget those days. Being a little sophisticated helps your house radiate a more grown-up vibe.. No, we aren’t talking about expensive, “contemporary” paintings. You can still put up your cult classic posters. Just make sure that they go with the rest of the decor and more importantly, frame everything.

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