Ways To Roll Your Sleeve

Shirts are an essential part of every guy’s wardrobe. They can be paired with almost everything, be it denims, formal pants, casual wear or even dhotis. Depending on the occasion, your shirt needs to look a certain way and the key to styling it is to know how to roll the sleeve.

Here are 6 different types of roll you should know about.

The Basic Roll/Classic Roll

Basic Sleeve Roll

This is the most common sleeve roll there is. Using the cuff as your measure, roll the sleeve the sleeve up, just above or below the elbow. (Above if you are doing some heavy, physical work. Below if you are just chilling!)

The Marine Roll

The Marine Sleeve Roll

The Marine roll is similar to the classic roll. You take the cuff as your measure and then roll back your sleeve. But instead of stopping near the elbow, you roll it all the way up to your biceps. This look will suit you even better if you have an arm tattoo to flaunt.

The Forearm Roll

Forearm Sleeve Roll

The Forearm roll is a very simple roll. Like the basic and high rolls, you use the cuff as your measure. Then fold the sleeve twice over exposing only your forearm, hence the name. It’s very casual and gives you a look of effortlessness.

The Master Roll/ The J. Crew

Master/ J. Crew Sleeve Roll

The Master Roll, unlike the basic roll, does not involve using the cuff as measure. You single-fold the sleeve outward in such a manner that the top end of the cuff reaches halfway up your bicep. Then fold the bottom over the cuff so that only the very tip of the cuff is visible. This roll is particularly suitable when the inside-colour of the cuff is in a different colour from the rest of the sleeve. Since this style was popularised by J. Crew, it is also referred to as the J. Crew roll.

The One Step Roll

The One Step Sleeve Roll

The one step roll is more of a winter style. It requires the cuffs to be unbuttoned at all times. Once you wear the sweater, use the shirt cuff as your measure and fold it over the sweater sleeve once. It gives a casual look to your otherwise dull outfit.

The Fold Under/ Inward Roll

Inward Sleeve Roll

The inward roll is for people who prefer not to show the shirt’s seams. Taking the cuff as the measure, the shirt is folded inwards twice or thrice-over, depending on how long you want the sleeve to be.

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