Rock Your Whites

People will tell you that black is a must-have in anyone’s wardrobe. While we don’t dispute the importance of black, we feel that owning a white tee should be your highest priority. Ah yes! We have come across the , “white’s so boring!” argument. But guess what! White tees are anything but. If you get it right, you’ll be the classiest girl in town.

Here are 6 white tee combo’s you definitely need to know

With Polka Dot Skirt


White Tee - Polka Skirt

It’s the most elegant, old-school combo that’ll never go wrong. The white tee, along with the navy blue and white polka skirt gives you an aura of effortlessness.

With Slashed Dungarees


White Tee - Slashed Dungarees

Match you tee with slashed dungarees and pair of sneakers for that tomboy look. Funky and casual, it’s a weekend wear that you’ll to sport.

With Harem Pants


White Tee - Harem Pants

White tops, harem pants, and naked pumps are the newest and coolest mishmash in town. Add to it some sleek jewellery and handbag of your choice, and you are ready to rumble.

With A Simple Dress


White Tee - Simple Dress

Wondering what to wear to brunch this weekend? Why not mix up your white tee with a simple, plain dress. Not too solid, not too casual, just the right amount for a fine outing.

With White Trousers


White Tee - White Trousers

If you’re bored of wearing those crisply ironed shirts and dresses to social events, you can always bank on your white tee to save the day. Wear it with a pair of white trousers, white pumps and beige jacket for a sophisticated look.

With Denim Shorts


White Tee - Denim Shorts

Tuck your plain white tee into your denim shorts and you’re ready to hit the streets. With the draping effect of the white tee, this ensemble is perfect for any and all casual occasions.

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