Ranveer Singh the Trend Setter

Ranveer Singh is probably the most sought-after actor in Bollywood right now. He has a fantastic sense of humour with a fashion sense to match. Here we look at 7 of his eccentric yet smart style choices :


Ranveer in Florals

On more than one occasion, Ranveer has worn floral outfits to perfection. Got to give it to the man for sporting floral designs in ways not many would dare.

Gladiator Sandals

Ranveer wearing gladiator sandals

Gladiator sandals are way out of fashion. Or at least that’s what we thought until we saw this guy doing photo shoots in them. We are astounded by the manner with which he pulled them off!


Ranveer in Pajamas

During a ‘Best Dressed Man’ awards, one can expect to see tailor made Tuxedos and designer Sherwanis. But guess what our man Ranveer sported during the event? Pajamas! Yup, along with a statement tee, silk nightgown and Sylvester slippers, he wore muppet pajamas, turning heads all night.


Ranveer in a skirt

If you thought florals and gladiator sandals were too flashy, wait till you find what the A lister has been wearing to the red carpets these days. Bajirao Mastani probably had a huge influence on his wardrobe, because the man has been pairing elegant Indian coats with skirts. That’s right! Ranveer loves tailor made skirts! Live with it!


Ranveer wearing Jewelry

For a man who loves skirts, wearing jewelry should be a piece of cake and he’s proving it. Rocking golden chains is one thing, but the guy went and posed with a septum ring for the cover of a magazine. A septum ring! If that isn’t a style statement, we don’t know what is.

Mickey Mouse Shirt with a Bow tie

Ranveer in Mickey Mouse Tee and Bow tie

If there’s one specific thing about bow ties, it’s the fact that not everyone can pull them off. But give it to Ranveer for not just wearing a bow tie, but also for pairing it to perfection with a Mickey Mouse shirt. Yeah! We stopped scratching our heads long back.

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