The Hipster Look

The hipster culture is synonymous to youngsters, belonging to developing neighbourhoods, who make their own fashion statement. The hipster look is all about mixing, matching, layering and accessorizing. To pull it off, your wardrobe must comprise of the right elements. Here are 7 must-haves, if you are planning to go all out hippie!

  1. Distressed Denims

The Hipster Look - Distressed Denims

The ripped and skinny jeans were one of the first items hipsters laid claim to. Intentionally damaged, these denims look aged and rebellious. They exude your individuality and show everyone that you are not part of the herd.

  2. Plaid clothes

The Hipster Look - Plaid Clothes

If there’s one thing that epitomises hipster life, it’s got to be plaids. Since their emergence in the early 90’s, hipsters have made plaid outfits the face of their lifestyle.

  3. Scarves

The Hipster Look - Scarves

Scarves have been around for a very long time. But not until a hipster picked one up, knotted it and tied it out around her neck, did they start looking cool. For a hipster, it is the ultimate, cool accessory.

  4. Wayfarers

The Hipster Look - Wayfarers

Hipsters are stylish if nothing else. And what can make them look even cooler, if not a pair of wayfarers? Smooth, yet funky, wayfarers are essential for all hipsters.

  5. Converse Sneakers

The Hipster Look - Sneakers

Sneakers are the choice of footwear for hipsters these days. You can wear these quaint pair of shoes to almost any occasion and never look out of place.  

  6. Jewellery

The Hipster Look - Jewellery

You aren’t much of a hipster if there isn’t any jewellery involved. No, we are not talking about those expensive pearls and diamonds. Rather we are talking about necklaces and bracelets made from beads and thread, and iron rings on multiple fingers.

  7. Cardigans

The Hipster Look - Cardigans

These days, over-sized cardigans seem to be very much in hipster territory. Mix it up with slips, shorts and boots, and you are all ready to go.

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