Our dads have done so much for us all through the years. From those hazy childhood memories of our dad being the hero, to our growing up years when he was our friend and mastermind, and now – when he is all that we need of him to be and more. From the very  first toy to the first pocket money, dad was always the one behind it. And as a girl grows up, new men come into her life, but the one man who will always be there for her is her father! A daughter learns a lot from her father. And it’s only right to do something to do for them this Father’s day, to let them know about their importance in our life!

For all that our dads, here are 10 simple and sweet ways to brighten up his day this Father’s Day!


1.Accompanying him  on his walk.

2. Make him, his favorite breakfast

3. Sit down and talk to him about your life

4. Make him a special card – all about him & you

5. Convert your old tapes into DVD and watch with him

6. Be around him 

7. Tell him how much you love him

For our dad’s, have done more than we could be thankful for!!

How many of this did you find helpful? Let us know in the comment box below!!