Priyanka Chopra. The name itself is enough today. Now soaring above and beyond and making waves internationally, the Indian beauty has all eyes on her. Quite literally. From starring across Zac Efron and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in her new film, Baywatch, to being a Met Gala attendee (a prestigious honour!) there is absolutely no stopping this woman. Now dressing up in the biggest labels and working alongside some of the fanciest names in fashion, PC has achieved peak fashion insider status. Yet one thing has stayed constant. Her love for jackets. It’s difficult to spot Piggy Chops without one thrown over her outfits. And still she SLAYS.

8 Times Priyanka Chopra Just Loved Throwing A Jacket Over Her Outfits

Heading to the beach? No worries! Even a bikini can’t keep Priyanka Chopra from donning something over. And she still manages to look SO GOOD. How, PC? How?

PC looks gorgeous as ever in a red hot deep neck number. And effortlessly thrown over it? An Etro jacket that has totally taken over our hearts. Fully. Completely!

Dub her the Queen of Cas already because she sure knows how to work it well. The Quantico star rocks a simple black leather jacket, and with such ease!

Even Priyanka Chopra couldn’t help resist the charms of the trendy utilitarian jacket this season. Yet, PC being PC, she makes it her own with a floral Valentino piece. And can we just stay a moment to appreciate how effortlessly she paired it with a black leather dress with a giant pussy bow? Hot damn!

When you’ve gotta glam up at 8, but let your hair down and get cas at 9! Priyanka Chopra knows how to even make a sequinned number work with a jacket. AND it’s Roberto Cavalli. Full marks for that!

Take a leaf out of PC’s handbook. Injecting colour to her achromatic look with a dark forest green, the leading lady is giving us major chic chick vibes.

There’s seriously no separating PC from her leather jackets. She admits it herself in this sassy interview. This one in particular seems to a personal cozy comfort. Adorbs!

Leather, Khakhi or trenches, PC doesn’t discriminate. Jacket love is true love. Case in point with this über cute Etro Kimono jacket!

Keep killing that jacket game!

8 Times Priyanka Chopra Just Loved Throwing A Jacket Over Her Outfits


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