Look Great On a Budget

People make a big deal about fashion. There is a myth that only the rich can look classy. Well, we are here to break that myth. Not only can you buy good stuff at affordable prices, you can also carry them like a celebrity. Here are 8 tips to help you look great under your budget.

8 Tips to Look Great on A Budget

1. Keep It Simple

Look Great On a Budget - Keeping It Simple

The ‘Basic Look’ is always the safest bet. If you notice celebrities off the red carpet, they don plain clothes and carry simple clutches. But they still manage to look as gorgeous as ever. That’s the secret! No designer wear, no off-the-beat funky clothes, just keeping things simple. Well within your budget!

2. Tailor it

Look Great On a Budget - Tailored

Be it a dress or a jumper or a pair of jeans, if it’s not a perfect fit off the rack, take it to a tailor before you get back home. Yes, you’ll end up spending a little extra cash and time, but it’s worth it. Because the right fit makes you look grand. Did we say keep it simple? Of course we did! And guess what? The simpler the garment, the easier it is to tailor.

3. Replace the Buttons

Look Great On a Budget - Replace the Buttons

Many a time, the only difference between an expensive piece of clothing and a regular one would be the buttons. Plastic buttons kill the look of good clothes. So what is the best thing to do? Replace the damned buttons. Especially in the case of good inexpensive blazers, button replacement should be the first thing on the agenda.

4. Layers

Look Great On a Budget - Layers

Layering has been in fashion for a while now. It’s as simple as wearing an unbuttoned shirt over your slip or throwing a jacket or sweater over your shirt. Contrasting colours work best when it comes to layering.

5. Spot Clean

Look Great On a Budget - Spot Cleaning

Did you spill something on your dress or get a mark? Spot clean the stain with a sponge or old toothbrush. Stop washing your clothes often. Yes, we all love our clothes clean and spotless. But washing them, or rather over washing them, wears down the fabric and fades the colour.

6. Mix and Match


Look Great On a Budget - Mix and Match

Okay! This isn’t for everyone. By mix and match, we mean mix and match it right. The best way to do it is by combining apparels of complementary colours. Using a colour wheel is always advisable as it would help you identify complementary colours.

7. ‘Black’, The Saviour

Look Great On a Budget - All Black

When in doubt, go black! If you don’t trust your own sense of colours and combinations, choose an all black attire. With black, you can never go wrong. It is grand, commanding, malicious, sophisticated, lustful and melancholy – all at the same time.

8. Never Wear too Many Accessories

Look Great On a Budget - Less Accessories

This has to be the simplest tip of the lot. Unless you are going for a hipster look, limit the amount of accessories you carry. A clutch in hand and a simple necklace, ring or bracelet would do just fine.

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