Aashi Adani - Fashion Blogger

“No matter how much we Indians love western wear, we will always have a soft spot for traditional clothes,” says fashion blogger Aashi Adani.

All About Aashi Adani

Aashi Adani - Fashion Blogger

She never really planned on becoming a fashion blogger. Her best friend Vipasha, who was always aware of Aashi’s fashion sense, encouraged her to take up blogging. With her younger brother as her cameraman and two outfits from her wardrobe, Aashi  started her blog to some very good reviews.

Since then, there has been no looking back. Her style choices are amazing and she has her own dedicated followers.

Aashi Adani - Fashion Blogger

Aashi Adani is still in college and knows the difficulties of living on a budget. Her blog contains looks that are stylish yet affordable rather than expensive and extravagant.

Dresses dominate her blog. Gorgeous and comfortable, she believes a dress is a statement wear by itself.

Aashi Adani - Fashion Blogger

Aashi Adani is big on second-hand fashion. She explains how even fashion influencers sell their used clothes but that does not mean they are poor in quality. In her own words, “I think second-hand fashion is very practical and smart. When brands send over some outfits for me to try, I’m only going to wear it the one time during my shoot, which is like 20 minutes. If someone who loves the outfit can buy it at an affordable price, why shouldn’t they?”

Aashi Adani - Fashion Blogger

Aashi reckons that each blogger needs to be distinct to be successful. Ripping off someone else’s idea will take you nowhere. While creativity is important, so is hard work. In this regard, she considers Alia Bhatt as the ultimate style icon. According to Aashi, “There’s no point being someone with one lakh followers if none of them actually know the real you.”

Aashi believes that fashion has transcended gender boundaries. With the rise in the number of male bloggers, Aashi elucidates that men’s fashion is slowly catching up with women’s fashion.

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