Affordable fashion tips

Pocket Money (noun) – When you have too much month left at the end of your money.

It’s a universal sense of gloom.
Pocket money, a concept in which pocket equals a black hole. Poof! The money is over before you know it. Shopping being a basic right suffers the setback. Ever evolving fashion trends only entices you further (we’re looking at you ombre) And while blowing money on trendy clothes that are new in fashion, is always heart-breaking, there are items that make the splurging investing worth it. So, how do we go the affordable fashion route and dress for less, you ask? Easy peasy!

Showing you 5 essential and Affordable fashion investments, for an ever-growing wardrobe worth a million bucks!

  1. Denim
Affordable fashion. Denims
Photo credit: Rag & Bone
It is essential buying a pair that not only fits well but braves the washes too. Invest in denim of good make from a trusted brand.There is nothing like a pair of denim that fit you perfectly and it definitely pays off in the long-term making every penny worth the splurge!
  1. Classic watch
Affordable fashion. Classic watch
Photo credit: Cartier
A watch is the most trusted piece of accessory you could add to your outfit. It’s multi-purpose, stylish and much more practical than any other piece of jewellery. Also, that added air of professionalism never hurt nobody, amirite?
  1.    Black Blazer
Affordable fashion. Black Blazer
Photo credit: Stella McCartney
Trust in the power of the ultimate neutral that is black. A blazer is super versatile and one of good quality is key to your wardrobe for times when you got to look sharp and mean business! From work, to parties to even casual outings, the revered blazer can take your outfit from day to-night, professional to casual, with a snap of a finger.
  1. Structured handbag
Affordable fashion. Structured handbag
Photo credit: Chloe
Structured, sturdy, long-lasting, whatever you wanna call it, you know it’s worth it. A structured bags shape doesn’t wear out which helps in preventing peeling of the fabric. Investing in such bags is definitely a smart idea. If you prefer smaller bags, satchels are a good way to go.
  1. Heels
Affordable fashion. Heels
Photo credit: Sergio Rossi
Literally the Achilles heel for most women. It surely is beneficial to go all out when it comes to shopping for shoes. A good pair of heels will hold your foot well and be of excellent quality preventing future wear and tear. If you gotta spend hours in them, you might as well do it in the right ones, looking good!
So what if you got to spend a few extra bucks? Doesn’t matter when you would look like a million!
Fashion for less is fashion done smart. Invest right!

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