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Hair Removal SOS! Take Your Pick!

HAIR REMOVAL SOS! Unwanted hair removal has been popular in humans since the Neolithic Era! . Hair can be found in some weird unwanted places, and for us girls, we keep trying to find the best type of removal for our skin type. We want to wear sleeveless, shorts, skirts and…

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DIY FACE MASK | The all-cure

As (most) girls, we naturally tend to want to look prim and proper. And so, in a finicky manner, we go to salons to get our nails, hair, and face done. Facials, grooming , primping up is not just a desire that women have ,it’s an actual need. Some yearn…

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MAGAZINE COVER REVIEWS COVER REVELATION MAY 2016 Whoever said ‘do not judge a book by its cover’, probably didn’t think of fashion magazines! The first thing that leads us to pull the hottest magazines off their racks are in fact their covers! Here’s a sneak peak into what this months…

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