Sometimes, living in your older sister’s shadow can’t be easy. The constant comparison, pressure and in some cases, competition, can be hellish. Despite all these cases, you can’t take your eyes off of her. Bella Hadid is a star!

As Victoria’s Secret gears up for another annual fashion this time en Paris, Bella clinches her first ever set of wings to star in the super exclusive and magical fashion shows. At the sheer age of 20, the model has walked for some of the biggest names in fashion and bagged several campaigns.

As the belle goes one step above on the ladder to stardom, we trace back this beauty’s fast-growing, supernova-like ascend to the fashion elite and her exciting take and influence on fashion!

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Bella Hadid Street Style

Source: Vogue Australia



Not many can forget the infamous red Alexander Vauthier silk gown that Bella Hadid donned at the Cannes Film Festival 2016.

Upstaging everyone and causing an uproar on the red carpet, this beauty with her red gown exhibited her perfected model glare – as she showed off her endless legs and willowy limbs. The high slit was just the touch of risqué that stole the show and created the look supremely iconic and much talked about for weeks to come.

Nonetheless, it’s undeniable how stunning she looked and set the ball rolling thereon, for her style to be followed by many.

Bella Hadid Street Style



If there’s one thing that puts the cool ‘street’ in street style, it’s denim and Bella Hadid is no stranger to it. The model surely knows the first rule about fashion and that is owning it. There are details in every part of her outfit and we love how she plays with length to give her outfits a fun twist.

Dare we forget, the cool futuristic shades and riveted belt that are fast becoming  street style essentials. Doing all denim is no easy feat and we must say, she surely knows how to pull it off and HOW!

Bella Hadid Street Style




Trust Bella to bring that downtown cool vibe to the streets, and boy, does she deliver! We love her grungy, devil-may-care demeanour and clearly the model loves to add a bit of drama to her outfits. We’re. All. For. That. Statement, girl!

The cool cat hit the streets with the coolest tights we’ve ever seen. The sheer Alexander Wang tights featuring the words “girls” plays the perfect accomplice to the cozy and super stylish fur coat that is giving us some psuedo cool Cruella de Vil vibes.

It wouldn’t be military grunge if it weren’t for chunky leather combat shoes and we love how she downplays it with touch of berry coloured lips and a super sleek top knot. J’adore!

Bella Hadid Street Style



It’s safe to say that Bella Hadid is fast charging towards supermodel status! We’ll just be sitting right here, obsessing over all her outfits and amazing style to witness a star in the making! Oh well.


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