The best beach accessories (other than a daiquiri and your favorite sunscreen) are confidence & a perfect bikinis! So show off your assets in a bikini suit that flatters your hard-earned shape.We assure you these trendy styles will guarantee you have a the perfect bikini look, whatever your body type.

Choose The Best Bikini for Your Body Type!

1. Athletic Body Type.


With all that hard work at the,  now’s the time to show off the results. To highlight your athletic and toned body, try a sexy string bikini or a cheeky hipster styles. If you’re not ready to lose the coverage, a suit that sits low on your hips will elongate your torso.

2. Straight Body Type.


The straight body shape can sometimes look boyish, so feminine styles with ties and ruffles are essential to create extra curves and draw the eye to all the right areas. Don’t experiment a lot with mix and match as matching tops and bottoms show off a proportional frame.

3. Hourglass Body Type.


For ladies with hourglass body shapes almost all styles work well. Highlight your figure with attention-grabbing colors or prints. As for the style, choose the bikini suits that play up your curves. Also stay insightful of mix & match styles since when you have a well-proportioned body, a mismatched bikini can make you look disproportional.

4. Pear Body Type.

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The pear body shape looks most balanced in styles that emphasize the top half and streamline the bottom half. To balance proportions, minimize larger areas with dark colors and then play up smaller areas with prints or bright colors.  Halter shapes are flattering as they create more curves up top.

5. Apple Body Type.


Ladies with apple body shapes need extra support on top – that means no bandeau, tiny triangle top, or ultra thin fabrics! Apple shapes will want to create a waistline with swimsuit details such as rushing in small amounts around the stomach. Banded hipster bottoms eliminate muffin tops with their thick waistbands that sit softly on the tummy. Extra coverage around midsection ensures a confident fit.

So ladies, rock those bikini’s this beach party!


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