Nickyeta - Woh_Wali_Ladki

‘A pinch of western and a pinch of ethnic is the perfect recipe for a brilliant outfit.’ preaches fashion blogger Nikita Khatri, AKA Nickeyta AKA Woh_Wali_Ladki  


Frustrated by the common belief that money and fashion go hand in hand, Nickeyta decided to become a fashion blogger to prove a point; that fashion is for everyone. And money is nothing more than an excuse.

Her blog is an extension of herself. There’s nothing fancy or glamorous about it. She just wants to show people that simple and affordable can still be stylish.


Her blog comprises of quality products and ideas. Tackiness isn’t something you would associate with her blog.

She is a highly creative person who likes to compete with herself. So every time she comes up with a new style, you can be sure that it is better than the previous one.


While the wealthy can afford expensive designer wear, Nickeyta believes that it doesn’t really require the rest of us to lag behind. Any Tom, Dick and Harry can be in ‘Vogue’ these days, she says. All you need is a sense of fashion and some creativity.

Nickeyta also believes that universal fashion is gradually evolving. Apart from playing a huge role in the women’s fashion space, she also makes keen observations on how the game has also changed for men. While a decade back, most men wouldn’t have given a second thought to what they wear, guys today seem to care a lot about their attire.


Nickeyta is also a big supporter of second-hand fashion and we love the fact that she has a closet on Spoyl.  And once you check her closet out, you’re sure to go back for more!

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