Why would anyone quit their high-paying job and choose to follow a career path not many would dare? Ask Samidha Singh and she will tell you that passion prevails over all. From a very young age, Samidha had taken to fashion like duck to water. She was passionate about experimenting with various western styles.

Samidha Singh 1

While peer pressure led her to pursue a career in finance, the fashion lover in her never faded away. One fine day, it dawned on her that it was about time she started doing what she liked in life. And just like that she quit her job and became a fashion blogger. The decision she took that day has made her one of the most sought-after fashion bloggers in India today.

Samidha Singh 2

Her blog portrays clothes and fashion ideas that are easy on your pocket. Her aim is to create funky and vibrant outfits for fashionable youngsters. She emphasizes particularly on the use of high waist denim and shows you how to style them perfectly.

Samidha Singh 3

Samidha is a big supporter of second-hand fashion. With good products available at unbelievably low prices, she believes second hand is an awesome option. She herself sells many of her clothes, even those which she has worn not more than 4 or 5 times.

Samidha Singh 4

Samidha strongly believes that fashion has transcended gender boundaries and men’s fashion is quickly catching up with women’s fashion in India.

Samidha Singh 5

Her prowess for sensing good fashion eludes through the fact that she picked actress Kangana Ranaut among the contemporary fashionable heart-throbs.

Her notion of ‘passion’ over ‘pay’ when it comes to fashion blogging is a very welcoming sign to the field.

With the advent of the informational revolution, Samidha reiterates, that never has fashion been so evolving and trend-setting.

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