Summer Style

The dynamic nature of the global catwalks has spurred fashion trends that are constantly evolving and paving way for the mind-blowing from the mundane. Every wardrobe undergoes a massive makeover to bloom into its current fashionable best. Summer style is swinging and it’s time to say goodbye to some run-of-the-mill clothes and accessories that are pass√©. Here’s how to update your wardrobe with a few key items for a rockin’


Summer Style!



Summer Style

2015: Simple Black Chokers. If 2015 was the year of the ultimate 90’s trend – the simple black choker, then 2016 has got an upgraded version for you. The classic just got a makeover.

2016: Wrapped Choker with Layers. After the wide choker version the classic gets edgier with a bohemian touch. Wrapped chokers have become all the rage these days and give a more contemporary taste to your outfits than the grungy 90’s choker.


Lip Color

Summer Style

2015: Bold Lips. For years bold statement lips have been the standard go-to beauty preference for make-up enthusiasts everywhere. The vampire bold colours although still an undying beauty favourite, has tired itself over the years. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s recent purple lip colour Cannes fiasco tale itself works as a cautionary tale for the trend.

2016: Nude lips. When it comes to beauty and lip colours in particular, the nude lip trend has spread like wildfire. The trend was particularly boosted after Kylie Jenner launched her own brand of lip kits and lip colours that featured the nude colour. It’s all about subtle yet striking for this summer style.



Summer Style

2015: Bucket Bags. With brands like Mansur Gavriel and Louis Vuitton getting trendy with the drawstring trend in 2015, the style has quite palpably, now become dated. The bucket bag needs a rest and how.

2016: Cross-body slings. The cross-body sling has become quite the go-to bag for the fashion fraternity. Chic, comfortable and capable of making an uber cool statement, cross-body sling bags are trending and are everywhere.



Summer Style

2015: Gladiators. Quite frankly, the Gladiator is a style that will never really die down and for good reason. It’s statement making, comfortable and hell, even the Romans made it look good, but this summer, fashion demands a new vision, and the Gladiator isn’t it.

2016: Pool Sliders. Blame brands like Burberry and Chanel for giving a push to this summer style trend and making it a covetable must-have. Ever since debuting in the latest fashion weeks, the style has gone on to be replicated by several retail brands and it’s no wonder that they’re indeed selling like hotcakes.



Summer Style

2015: Strapless dresses. Strapless dresses are a classic and will always be in style. Although it is the very indicative factor of that quintessential summer style, it has become slightly ‘been there, done that’. This year, it’s all about the details.

2016: Off-shoulder dresses. Open Instagram and you’ll see everyone – from fashion bloggers, major influencers to even industry bigwigs flaunting this currently loved trend. The viral style is chic and pays plenty of attention to detail along with featuring bronzed shoulders and enviable collar bones. We say it fits right into our wardrobe for some much needed summer style.