Finally the day has come when your crush has asked you out! Underneath all that pre-date-night excitement is one anxiety-inducing thought: What am I going to wear? All this while, this date has been on your mind. But this time, you don’t want him to feel just good. You want him to go WOW!!

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So here we have listed down 5 items can must try on your date night to woo him!

1. Bodycon Dress

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Nothing accentuates a women’s curves like a bodycon dress. And nothing is sexier than a woman being comfortable with her body. So when you got it, why not flaunt it for the special night? Hence, a bodycon dress is a MUST have.

2. Skinny Fit Pants


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One of the greatest things God ever made was Skinny Fit Pants. The way it embraces your legs, only to highlight those toned muscles, skinny pants can indeed bring out the best in you!

3. Red Lipstick

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If something that has been prevailing since Victorian era as one of the hottest fashion items, it has to be this! The glow it gives to your face, along with that sensuous edge, is undoubtedly sexy!

4. Stilettos

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This amazing item has the potential of making you look like a goddess. The grace it adds to your walk, along with the way it accentuates your lower curve, is worthwhile. Undeniably feminine and undoubtedly classy, this item won’t let him take his eyes off you!

5. Perfume

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No look is complete without that perfect aroma that just adds on to your aura. Sweet, seductive or naughty, any fragrance that you connect with should definitely be a part of your attire. After all not everything sexy has to be tangible. Keep it subtle & sensuous ladies! Do not wear a strong perfume, which will make him sneeze all night long.

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So make sure your wardrobe has these items that’ll make you dazzle and make him go WOW!!
Apart from these 5 items, is there something else you like to wear on your date?
Let us know in the comment section below.

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