As (most) girls, we naturally tend to want to look prim and proper. And so, in a finicky manner, we go to salons to get our nails, hair, and face done. Facials, grooming , primping up is not just a desire that women have ,it’s an actual need. Some yearn for fairness, some want that hideous pimple to magically vanish, and some want even skin-tones or want to bring life to their dull / rough skin.

For years I’ve been experimenting with kitchen products instead of spending lavishly and unnecessarily in pricey salons.

So here’s what I finally conjured up. An all-cure face pack, light and effective, and made of pure natural humble ingredients! All ingredients are affordable, or are easily available on your kitchen shelves. This is a face pack you can mix and slather on in the comfort of your own home without anyone wondering which Avatar character you look like. Use it to reduce acne, for boosting lifeless skin or just for a pick-me-up.

Kitchen Concoction

Step 1-

Steam your face for about 10-15mins till you feel all your pores open or till you build a healthy sweat.facial-steam

Step 2 –

Quickly use a mild scrub to exfoliate, to remove overlying dead skin and for a smooth canvas to apply the face mask. I swear by Ever Yuth Walnut Scrub. maxresdefault

Step 3-

For this you’ll need:

  • A small, clean bowl
  • A spoon and teaspoon
  • A Fridge (optional)


  1. Lemon juice- The benefits of lemon juice in your face mask is probably too long a list to fit in my word limit! It helps get rid of oily skin, dark spots, blemishes while also being anti-bacterial. Its bleaching properties help in lightening the skin with regular use. It also gently removes dead cells.P.S after squeezing out the juice, rub the rinds on your elbows and knees to help in lightening.How much? – Juice of a whole small lemon, sans the seeds should suffice.bright-lemon
  1. Turmeric(Haldi)- With antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties, it helps to combat pimples and breakouts .Reduces excessive oil secretion by sebum glands and thus helps oily skin. It reduces pigmentation and evens out skin tone, and to my experience gives a subtle Indian glow. No wonder the Haldi ceremony is held before weddings.

How much? – Just a pinch. Maximum two! Anymore, and you’ll end up looking like a jaundice victim.a64b4f87df4a58b0b95c42033f57810e

  1. Raw Organic Honey– A natural humectant, raw organic honey has antibacterial properties, that help to fight acne and also prevents it. It works well for dry to combination skin. The antioxidant levels in honey act as an anti aging formula by facilitating the skin’s ability to rejuvenate (good bye aging creams). Honey also clears up and unclogs pores. I use this honey and it works pretty well.

How much? – A teaspoonful upto a spoonful.Honey

  1. Cinnamon (powder form) – Cinnamon stimulates blood vessels and helps bring blood towards the skins surface. It reduces fine lines because it plumps up skin! (Bye bye Botox). Cinnamons antimicrobial properties help fight zits! I find this the most effective ingredient for acne remedies in this face pack. It also helps remove dead cells and has mild exfoliating properties.

How much? – Use half a teaspoon or less.

P.s Mix it plain with honey for a plumping lip scrub.shutterstock_114538405

  1. Milk- Using milk in face packs brings out a lush factor. Milk has a distinctive ability to do away with the oil-soluble impurities, protein based impurities, and dead skin cells with the help of the enzyme lipase, protease and lactic acid respectively. It makes the skin soft, silky and radiant. It is an all round moisturizer that is especially good for dry skin type. Additional benefits include lightening of skin by promoting the shedding of pigmented skin cells. The enzymes, proteins, mineral and vitamin present in milk also helps reduce fine lines.

How much? – Two spoonfuls. Cold milk is ideal.milk003.jpgc9bb15e3-96e7-4919-b28e-d1d856ccf78eOriginal

  1. Gram flour- The super formula; grandmothers secret! Gram flour was traditionally used as a cleanser to maintain the pH balance of the skin. It eliminates dirt and toxins from the skin while also having antimicrobial properties. Commonly known as Besan, this ingredient helps achieve fairness and glowing skin tones. The powder brightens skin complexion, has anti-aging properties and also removes dullness and pimples. My favorite benefit of gram flour however has got to be that it naturally gets rid of facial hair (through gentle exfoliation)! Not many of us knew that now, did we?

How much? – Add gram flour last and slowly. Make sure that the entire mixture is neither too drippy nor too dry. The end result should be a light mango coloured concoction.chickpea-flour-vitamix-to-her-core

Try sticking the bowl in the freezer for a few minutes before using the pack for an ultra cooling effect.turmericpaste

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Apply on your face and once it’s completely dry (around 20 minutes), wash it off to reveal gorgeous skin !Glowing-Skin-1024x682

You may use a pack like this once a week or once in two weeks.

Go ahead nourish and pamper yourself ladies!

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