Excessive sweating

Despite having numerous means to fight sweating and body odour, sometimes we still struggle with wet spots under our arms. During physical activities, stress, or heat, we end up with sweat patches that smell nothing like roses. Everyone of us might have dealt with excessive sweating at least once. Hence, we are going to tell you what to do to get rid of this troublesome phenomenon. Here are 7 ways to tackle excessive perspiration.

7 Methods to Prevent Excessive Sweating

1. Hydrogen peroxide

Prevent Sweating - Hydrogen PeroxideHydrogen peroxide is an antiseptic that combats germs and helps avoid bad odour throughout the day. Add 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide to half a cup of water and apply this mixture every morning for dry and clean underarm skin.

2. Oak bark

Prevent Sweating - Oak BarkOak bark is sold in pharmacies and is often considered an effective remedy for excessive sweating. You can rinse your armpits with oak bark extract after your shower for dry underarms. Recipe for the extract:
· 5 spoons of ground bark
· 1 liter (1 qt) water
Add the bark to the water, and let it simmer for 30 minutes. Infuse for2 hours, then strain.

3. Baking soda

Prevent Sweating - Baking SodaIf it’s important for you to use only natural remedies, try baking soda as an antiperspirant. Apply it to slightly moist skin in the morning and shake off the excess.If you are anticipating your day to be hectic and physically taxing, a homemade tonic will help reduce sweating. Recipe for the tonic:
· 2 tbsp baking soda
· 1 tsp salt
· 1 tsp sugar
· 1 liter (1 qt) water.
Drink 1 cup in the morning. If you find difficulty drinking it in one go, have it in small quantities throughout the day.

4. Antibacterial hand wash

Prevent Sweating - Antibacterial HandwashIf your sweat has already started to smell but there is no possibility for you to take a shower, carefully clean your armpits with wipes. Then apply antibacterial hand wash. It’ll kill the germs that cause the smell.

5. Aluminum chloride

Prevent Sweating - Aluminium ChlorideIf you tend to sweat a lot, it is better to carry an antiperspirant with you at all times. Products like Dry Dry, Odaban and Maxim have high aluminum chloride content and are easily available. They can notably reduce sweating even in hot weather.

6. Alunite

Prevent Sweating - AluniteThis mineral deodorant crystal is a natural alternative for standard antiperspirants. It has no smell, leaves no traces on clothes, and consists of alum – a mineral which has antiseptic, antibacterial, and tonic properties. To use the crystal, you need to moisten it with water and rub your armpits. It doesn’t clog the pores and the crystal lasts for 1 to 2 years.

7. Botox

Prevent Sweating - BotoxIf wet armpits are a regular concern, you can have a botulinum toxin injection. The toxin blocks the nerve impulses leading to the sweat glands, ensuring that sweat is not secreted. The effect of the injection will last for 6-12 months.

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