FAQs – All you need to know about #SpoylMyCampus – the Inter-College Fashion Championship

What is #SpoylMyCampus?

  • Hosted by Spoyl, #SpoylMyCampus is India’s first Inter-College fashion championship. With 500+ prizes worth 50 Lacs, every player wins assured prizes.
  • Round 1: 11 Lacs in Prizes will go to 10 teams (10 members each) representing 10 winning Colleges.
  • Round 2: From Rd 1 winners, 8 Lacs in Cash and other prizes will go to one team (of 10 members) representing the winning college.

Who wins the Championship?

  • Students from different colleges will participate, earn KOINZ to win assured prizes.
  • Your performance is rewarded with 500+ Assured Prizes in Cash, shopping vouchers, cool gadgets – iPhone X, JBL speakers, Sony headphones, Mi Phones, #SpoylMyCampus hoodies, tees, Leadership Certificate, Paytm Cash and Spoyl shopping vouchers.
  • As you earn more KOINZ, you earn bigger rewards.
  • #SpoylMyCampus is an Inter-College Fashion Championship –  Your college’s score will be the total KOINZ earned by all players from your college.
  • 10 Colleges will win Rd 1
  • Top 10 contributors to each of the winning colleges will claim the prize for their winning College. Top 10 contributors will also get cash rewards.
  • These teams will move to Rd 2 and represent their Colleges.
  • Top college in Rd 2 will win the title of India’s most Fashionably Spoylt Campus.
  • Winning team will get Cash rewards, internships with leading fashion influencers, and all-expense paid invite to attend a 3-day bootcamp at Spoyl Influencer University in Bangalore.
  • Spoyl will organise #SpoyltBrats Night – an all-night Music and Fashion Event hosted by Spoyl at your Campus.

What is India’s Most Fashionably Spoylt Campus

  • Simply, one college will be the top winner of #SpoylMyCampus. This college is declared as India’s most Fashionably Spoylt Campus
  • Win this and Spoyl will organise #SpoyltBrats Night – an all-night Music and Fashion Event hosted by Spoyl at your Campus.

Who is eligible to participate?

  • If you’re a student, you can play.

Why should I play?

  • Win 50 lacs in cash rewards, assured prizes for every player, cool gadgets, iPhone X, cool merchandise, free shopping vouchers.
  • Spoyl will organise #SpoyltBrats Night – an all-night Music and Fashion Event hosted by Spoyl at your Campus.
  • 10 Internships with leading celebrities and fashion brands for the winning team.
  • All expense paid 3-day bootcamp at Spoyl Influencer University for winning team.
  • Fame for you, glory for your college.

What are KOINZ?

  • KOINZ are money. Your KOINZ will determine your cash winnings.
  • Do fun tasks to win KOINZ.
  • Your KOINZ will also go to your college.
  • College with the most KOINZ wins the championship.
  • Cash prizes will go to Players with the most KOINZ from the winning college.
  • Cross KOINZ milestones to win assured prizes.

What are Bonus KOINZ?

  • Win Daily Contests and Wild Card Challenges to win upto 1,50,000 Bonus KOINZ.
  • Bonus KOINZ will give your college a brilliant lead over opponent colleges.

What are Tasks? How many KOINZ can I earn from these contests?

  • Tasks are the simplest things you can do to win KOINZ
    • Signing up gets you 2000 KOINZ
    • Inviting friends to play in #SpoylMyCampus gets you 400 KOINZ each
    • Inviting friends to download Spoyl app gets you 200 KOINZ each
    • Just logging in every day gets you 500 points
    • Follow #SpoylMyCampus on Spoyl app to get 1000 KOINZ
  • Hot Tip: Keep doing these Tasks every day and stay ahead.

What are Daily Contests? How many KOINZ can I earn from Daily Contests?

  • Daily Contests will earn you Bonus KOINZ.
  • Daily Contests are announced on the Spoyl app – download, follow #SpoylMyCampus to stay ahead of competition.
  • Contests are really fun ways to showcase your talent.
  • Make funny memes, videos, gifs, share and get likes. Win Daily Contests and earn upto 1,50,000 KOINZ and Rs 1,50,000 in cash prizes.

What are Wild Card Challenges?

  • Wild Card Challenges are announced at different points during the Championship. Complete them to get 50,000 SUPER Bonus KOINZ and move straight to the top of leaderboard.
  • A great weapon to use if you are lagging behind and want a quick victory.

What are Assured Prizes?

  • Every participant gets Rs 200 to shop on Spoyl.
  • Every participant gets a Leadership Certificate.
  • Top Scorers every day win a Sony Headphone.
  • Over 500+ Assured Prizes worth 10 Lacs.
  • Every player wins Assured Prizes for trying. Even if your college doesn’t win.
  • Earn KOINZ to move up levels (Lt. at 7,000 KOINZ to Tony Stark at 70,000 KOINZ) Get Leadership Certificates, free shopping on Spoyl, Paytm Cash, and get eligible to win the iPhone X and many other prizes.
  • Top Scorers win iPhone X, Wardrobe makeovers, 12 Mi Phones, JBL Speakers.

How to win?

  • Quick tip: Get your gang together – the more people playing for your college, the better your chances of winning.
  • Take initiative, lead your college to victory. Put in the hard work and success will be yours.

Is there a Cheat Sheet?

  • Yes. Its a team event – you win when your college wins – So a winning hack is get more people to play #SpoylMyCampus from your college.
  • Play every day. Do the simple stuff regularly, and you’ll get a massive lead over opponents. Share your Spoyl invite more.
  • Finish as many of the Daily Contests as you can – these are all fun things – you’ll enjoy them. Completing challenges can get you really really ahead very quickly.
  • Download Spoyl app and stay connected – new contests are announced first on the app. Get a lead by staying alert.

What’s a winning strategy?

  • Lets see how you can earn 2,25,000 KOINZ (that should be a winning score) in 15 days.
    • Sign up: 2000
    • Login every day: 15 days*500 = 1500
    • Get 10 friends to join ICFC every day: 15 days*10/day*400 = 60,000 KOINZ
    • Get 10 friends to install Spoyl every day: 15 days*10/day*200 = 30,000 KOINZ
    • Participate in Daily Contests – post on the given topic on #SpoylMyCampus Challengers 2018 FB group, get 500 likes)  Win 10 of the Daily Contests: 10,000 KOINZ each = 1,00,000 KOINZ
    • Complete any one of the Wild Card Challenges: 30,000 KOINZ

Will I get a prize if my college doesn’t win?

  • Yes, every player gets a prize – prizes get bigger as you earn more KOINZ.

What do I get if my college wins this?

  • If your college is in the top 10 after Round 1, and you are one of the top 10 contributors to your college’s victory, the prize money comes to you.
  • If your college wins Round 2 and becomes India’s most Fashionably Spoylt Campus, and you are one of the top 10 contributors, the prize money comes to you.
    • Even if you’re not in the top 10 from your college, you still get to enjoy #SpoyltBrats Night – an all-night Music and Fashion Event hosted by Spoyl at your Campus.

Now that you know everything about #SpoylMyCampus championship, Let’s play!

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