fashion inventions

Fashion is inconsistent, even as a word, it has a lot of meanings to different people. But the most important thing about fashion that everyone has been following is “fashion is your comfort”! Over the years, fashion has evolved quite a bit. But a few fashion inventions has set trends and will always be that for future trends to come. We decided to dig into the history of cult fashion items, which not only has changed fashion but the planet as a whole.

7 Fashion Inventions That Has Changed It Once and for All!

1. Jeans

fashion inventionsIn the 17th century, the Italian city of Genoa exported a papyrus textile, which was soon called “genes.” In 1873, entrepreneur Levi Strauss secured a patent to create the famous blue jeans. Since then, jeans have become a favorite item of clothing worldwide. By the way, Strauss’s company is functioning to this day under the famous Levi’s brand.

2. Heels

fashion inventions

It’s hard to imagine that heels were worn exclusively by men up until the 17th century. Stiletto heels appeared only in the 20th century, and they are now a wardrobe necessity for every woman.

3. Little Black Dress

fashion inventions

The groundbreaking little black dress by Chanel is surrounded by many legends. Her creation caused a sensation in the fashion world, and Vogue called it “Chanel’s Ford.” To this day, the little black dress is considered an attribute of impeccable taste and elegance; it will most likely never go out of style.

4. Leather Jacket

fashion inventions

The bomber jacket was invented in the USA during WWI specifically for pilots to protect them from cold weather. Leather jackets became popularized when they were seen on Elvis Presley and Marlon Brando. Since then, leather jackets have become a symbol of freedom and rebelliousness.

5. Miniskirt

fashion inventions

Designer Mary Quant kept a small but very trendy shop in London. In the late ’50s, the mini skirt became a bestseller and fury among the general population. Then the rebellious age of ’60s struck, a mini skirt became a necessary attribute for every woman.

6. Bras

fashion inventions

The bra was “invented” several times, and each time it went through a series of changes. By the early 20th century did the bra took the shape we know it for today. With time, bras gained popularity, and various brands began to produce more styles, trying to encompass both beauty and usefulness in this crucial element of women’s wear.

7. Bikini

fashion inventions

A model walked the fashion runway in a two-piece swimsuit created by designer Louis Réard in Paris, 1946. The swimwear got its name from an atoll (chain of islands formed of corals) called Bikini, where atomic bomb tests were held. Only a few years later did the swimsuit stop shocking the public, as soon as Brigitte Bardot and Marilyn Monroe added it to their wardrobes.

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