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The fashion trend sphere is ever evolving, ever growing. The dynamic nature that’s so innate to it continues to bring in to style the most unexpected and interesting trends to the fore time and again. From getting nostalgic about the 70’s to reminiscing the kooky fashion statements of the 90’s. There’s something new to look forward to every time, and this time fashion gets sporty and chic with the newest trend on the block;


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Athleisure. This fashionable portmanteau of ‘Athletic’ and ‘Leisure’ has become a booming area of growth within the garment industry and amongst consumers. The past five years have shown an immense rise in clothing articles that are workout friendly. If you thought Sports Luxe was ultra glamorous, Athleisure is like the wild child that everyone wants to hang out with. It’s the new kid on the block and it’s comfy, cool and safe to say chic to the max.


dressy-jacket-and-yoga-pants fashion trend

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Forget about the taboo of wearing your gym clothes outside it, that’s old news. Today everyone is on this super sexy trend. It Models, Kendall Jenner and especially Gigi Hadid are testament to this fact. It’s out with the drab gym wear, what with all the basic old track pants and jackets and in with stylish statements incorporating mesh panels, geometric and tie-dye designs and major colour-blocking pieces.


Kendall Jenner athleisure fashion trend

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The style is fuss free, easy and almost ironically versatile. We say that because it’s almost ludicrous to think that this could be a trend that can be taken to a dressy formal level too, but leave it to some of the A-list celebrities to show us how it’s done. With the likes of stars like Rita Ora, Kylie Jenner and even fashion elites like Jenna Lyons, it has not only become an acceptable way to wear your outfit from studio to street but the line between the trend and casual wear is beginning to blur as well.


Blogger fashion trend athleisure

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And although it may seem intimidating at first, the versatility of this fashion trend makes it perfect for anyone to pull it off with aplomb. The notion of having a perfect figure to don this style is but a myth. In huge proportions of absolute awesomeness, the style in fact makes your body appear much more shapely and stylish to say the least.

The fashion trend is a marriage of fashion and function at its best. And boy, do we concur!

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