We at Spoyl, love recycling and repurposing old household materials into handy new ideas. We all know about the small problems one faces on a daily basis when it comes to our household items. Try our 7 genius hacks or ‘recycled craft’ ideas to reuse your old items and solve your day-to-day crisis.

7 Genius Hacks That Will Make Your Day!

1.Use Rubber bands As Stoppers

Genius hacks

It’s a very easy but helpful life hack. Fasten a rubber band onto the ends of the hangers to act a stopper. This prevents clothes from slipping off.

2.DIY Dust Collector

Genius hacks

Never worry about spilling dust while cleaning with the help of this folded Post-it note. Fasten it to the wall with masking tape to make sure no dust hits the floor. This could come handy while drilling too.

3.Old T-shirt Into Cushions

Genius hacks

Turn your other half’s old shirt into a trendy cushion for curling up with a good book. Cut off the area below the armholes and make a tube structure. Stitch both the ends and stuff in the cotton through the opening with the buttons.

4.Earring Holder

Genius hacks

Carefully remove the glass from a picture frame, and thread wire from one side of the frame to the other. Add your dangly earrings for a shabby chic display

5.Protect Doorknobs With Aluminum Foil

Genius hacks

Tightly cover your doorknobs with aluminium foil to avoid any paint spills. This is the perfect solution to “oops!” moments.

6.Plastic Bag Wraps For Gardening

Genius hacks

Stop any gardening dirt or grime from ruining your favourite jeans with plastic bag wraps. Simply wrap your knees with plastic bags and voila!

7.Organize Jeans With Shower Hooks

Genius hacks

Organize your jeans with inexpensive shower hooks for a quick way to grab them in the morning. Hang your denim by the belt loop to avoid creasing.

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