Getting fab abs is a much sought after body image that most of us crave for. We love to wear crop tops and bodycons especially in the summer. Baring smooth looking midriffs are all the rage right now!

But it doesn’t come easy (especially for lazy girls like us) ! So we  figured out the easiest way to a summer ready body adorned with drool worthy abs : a) a healthy diet b)cardio workout (20 mins on alternate days) c) Ab exercises for JUST 10 MINUTES! The last one is our favorite because its quick and easy and can even be done just before getting ready for a party to keep your confidence levels high and belly looking flat.




Lie flat on your back with hands by your side or under lower back for support. Keeping legs straight and toes pointed, raise your legs around 6 inches from the ground. This will be your starting position.

Alternate small, rapid, upward kicks with your left and right leg, maintaining the straight legs. This exercise targets the lower abs. Continue it for 45 seconds to 1 minute while keeping your midsection constantly contracted.



This exercise targets inner and outer obliques. Sit on the floor with knees slightly bent and feet flat on the ground. Lean the torso halfway backwards, keeping the back straight. Interlock your fingers straight ahead and rotate towards your right as far as you can go. Repeat to the left side to complete one rep. Keep twisting for 45 seconds.

Variation- an advanced level would be lifting your legs and using a medicine ball or dumbell in your hands.

3. THE PLANK25-April-9

This one helps in developing your core abs as well as your shoulders, arms and glutes. Maintain a push up position with your elbows bent at 90 degrees, and balance your weight on your forearms. Beginners may be able to hold this position for not more than 30 seconds, but do try to increase your time everyday for up to a minute.

Remember to keep the body in a straight line without any bending. Feel the burn!

4. V-HOLD25-April-10

Lie down facing upwards. Lift your legs keeping them straight at a 45 degree angle. Simultaneously lift your torso at the same angle. Without hunching, maintain this position while keeping your abs tight and contracted for 15 seconds. Return to start position and repeat 3 times. This ab routine challenges the entire core- the upper and lower abs simultaneously.

5.HEEL TOUCH25-April-11

Lay down flat on your back, and bend your knees, with your feet together flat on the floor. Crunching your torso slightly above ground level, keep arms beside you(palm inwards), try touching your right heel with your right hand as shown above. Hold for 1 second. The repeat on the other side i.e touching your left hand to your left heel. Keep alternating for 45 seconds to a minute. This exercise targets the oblique ab muscles.

Repeat these easy-peasy exercises for 10 minutes for a few weeks and soon you’ll start seeing results.

Remember….A few ab exercises per day, keeps the flab away!