While some of us sit back and relax staying true to our lazy girl persona, watching season after season of new sitcoms, some are out there making miracles and performing legendary feats. In makeup parlance that automatically translates to the art of applying the winged liner. Dozens and more have attempted it and dozens and more have failed.

There is a winged liner tutorial for every person existing with many ways to do it. Some are naturally gifted while some rely on said tutorials. If this wasn’t enough already, let us be your guide and show you 3 ways to winging the winged liner, step by step!

5 Ways – The Ultimate Winged Liner Tutorial

1. The Natural Route

Some may find this a product of wonderment but is in fact quite simple, believe us if you will. It could be a little messy, but if you ever find yourself left to your own devices with no devices in fact, around to help, this may be a life essential skill.

How-to Guide: The Ultimate Winged Liner Tutorial

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Step 1: Mark a spot to where you want to apply the wing of your winged eyeliner.

Step 2: Draw a line that extends along the natural curve of your eye line to the spot where the wing will be drawn on.

Step 3: From the centre of your eyelid, drag the line to where the wing will be drawn. Ensure that the line increases in thickness as you move further away from your inner eyelid.

Step 4: Fill in the line carefully, making sure you do not fill outside the liner. If in any case that happens, you can always clean up with a moist cotton bud post application.

Step 5: Now, starting from your inner eyelid as a thin line, extend it upto the centre, again increasing in thickness but coinciding with the thickness in the middle.

Step 6: With the winged liner achieved you can now clean up as you like or accentuate it with a brush of kohl or tighten your eyes as you please.

2. The Tape Shape

Some may be naturally gifted but us lot with shaky hands need more than patience to help us through drawing on a winged liner. Sticky clear tape is a great choice for those who have difficulty nailing the wing, but still want them sharp as knives.

How-to Guide: The Ultimate Winged Liner Tutorial

Picture: www.cosmopolitan.com

Step 1: Get some sticky clear tape for usage. Also ensure that your skin is thoroughly cleansed and clean to avoid any infection from the adhesive or other mishaps. Clear tape is especially better since it helps you see if any of the liquid liner has seeped under into it.

Step 2: Place the tape along the line of your natural waterline or wherever you would like to place it. The tape method is especially help as it holds the outline in place and serves as a makeshift stencil.

Step 3: Trace your wing and join it to the line on your eyelid. You can have the line as thick or thin as you would like.

3. The Spoon Support

Now we admit that this might be a little unconventional and maybe slightly ridonkulous but hey, if it works, who are we to say no! Compared to the tape method, the spoon actually serves a two-fold service.

How-to Guide: The Ultimate Winged Liner Tutorial

Picture: www.cosmopolitan.com

Step 1: Take a clean spoon with no sharp edges.

Step 2: Place the handle of the spoon along your eye where the wing is to be drawn. Trace the line alone the handle.

Step 3: To achieve the upper portion of the wing, simply turn the spoon and place the rim where the wing and the line from the eyelid meet. Trace it and fill it in.

Step 4: Draw the rest of the line as desired!

4. Stencil Service

There’s a new obsession in town and it’s the winged liner stencil! Now this is no winged liner tutorial yet we just had to talk about this godsend invention. Simply place the stencil over your eye, hold still the area you want the winged liner to be on and fill. No doubt it is sold out but in the chance of restocking, you can find these babies here.

How-to Guide: The Ultimate Winged Liner Tutorial

Picture: www.youtube.com | Julietta MakeUp reviews

5. The Reverse Flick

Last in the list of the winged liner tutorial guide is the reverse flick. Again, it is free of use of any devices so it could be a tad bit difficult, but in just about 3 steps, you’ll also know exactly why it’s so simple.

How-to Guide: The Ultimate Winged Liner Tutorial

Picture: www.stylearena.net | Style Arena

Step 1: Draw the line over your eyelid.

Step 2: Extend the line along the natural curve of your waterline.

Step 3: Connect the two lines.

Step 4: Fill it! Voila!

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