Every girl has a sacred relationship with her heels and clothes. This relationship could be the sole reason for our inherent desire for fashion and style. As much as we would like to own a stockpile of glittering beauties, suede wonders and embellished hotness of shoes galore, let’s be honest, it’s not that simple. Especially, if our shoe dreams are made of ‘red bottoms’, some Yves Saint Laurent and a hint of Versace.

While we may not have the money (right now) to hoard up the heels we love, there’s no harm in drooling over them! Here are 15 pairs of gorgeous heels that will make you woot crazy!

1. Gucci Bow Embellished Patent-Leather Pumps

 Bow Embellished Patent-Leather Heels

Embellished with a crystal studded bow, these Gucci’s are your ticket to royalty. And want a subtle or sober look? All you need to do is take off the elastic that’s attached to the crystal stud and voila! Holy Moly, right?

2. Dolce & Gabbana Rose-Embellished Metallic Cage Sandals

Rose-Embellished Metallic Cage Heels

Whether you’re heading out with your gang for drinks or going out for a sombre Sunday brunch with your family, this beautifully crafted pair will make sure that you look picture perfect. This pair gives the straight out of a fairytale feel, doesn’t  it?

3. Sergio Rossi Arabesque Heeled Sandal

Arabesque Heels

This Sergio Rossi pair is perfect for the days when you feel like a gladiator, ready to take on the world. The calf-high length will highlight the structure of your legs. And sure you will catch eyes with these pretty babies.

4. Versace Black Leather Gold Medallion Heels

Gold Medallion Heels

Say no to boring black heels and get your hands on this vision in black and gold! Give it up for Versace for making even the most monotonous interesting. This three-strap terrific pair gives you all the good, ‘I’m-A-Freaking-Goddess’ vibes.

5. Brian Atwood Indiana Sandals

Indiana Heels

For his Fall ’16 edit, Brian Atwood unveiled this gorgeous pair. The silver fringe detailing sits in perfect contrast to the tan.

6. Jimmy Choo Talan Pumps

Talan Heels

Featuring mini studs on black suede, thin T-straps and a small bow, how can anyone resist this? With so much going on, these are the perfect pumps to rescue even the dullest outfits.

7. Miu Miu Swarovski Pumps

Swarovski Heels

Cinderella would pick these any day! This devilishly beautiful pumps by Miu Miu topped with beautiful Swarovski crystals and a tapered heel is to die for.

8. Gianvito Rossi ‘Augusta’ Sandals

Augusta Heels

This “wrapped-in-velvet, embroidered with gold, and tied together with a golden strap wonder”  is your daily dosage of ‘I-Am-A-Millionaire’ feels. A nice twirl in these babies, and you’ll be all set to take on the world.

9. Casadei Blade Pointed Pumps

Casadei Blade Pointed Heels

With heels like blades, this series by Casadei is just for the kill. And trust us, these tall babies can definitely cut through some haters.

10. Tom Ford Mirrored Ankle Boots

Mirrored Ankle Boot heels

Day or night, you can never go wrong with a Tom Ford. These embellished booties are nothing less than gorgeous.

11. Emilio Pucci Multicolor Embroidered Ankle Boots

Multicolor Embroidered Ankle heels

Okay fine, pleading guilty. We have a thing for boots, but in our defence aren’t these just gorgeous? These beauties from Emilio Pucci are studded to perfection, embellished to a very high degree.

12. Jerome C Rousseau Quorra Heels

Quorra Heels

Futuristic, metallic and so rad. With its unique structural design, this silver beauty looks straight out of the ‘Tron’ flick. If you decide to step out in this, chances are that you’ll become the talk of the town.

13. Walter Steiger Unicorn Pump

Unicorn heels

Nude patent leather, beautiful golden trim and a heel that tall. If this doesn’t take you to Fantasyland, we don’t know what will.

14. Ruthie Davis Sea Studded Platform

Studded Platform Heels

Blue, lustrous and spiky, this gem-studded pair by Ruthie Davis will definitely grab eyes and make sure that the night belongs to you.

15. Christian Louboutin ‘Chapito Ho’ Pumps

Chapito Ho Heels

This pair reminds us of rainbows and we’re totally digging it. The Chapito Ho pumps are Oh-So-Dramatic, excessively colourful and absolutely drool-worthy!

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