Matte lipsticks can be very intimidating, no doubts on that. Since it’s pigmented there’s zero room for error. And though it’s supposed to be “long lasting,” it seems to last only around the perimeter of our mouth. But every time we swear off the stuff, we see how Emma Watson seamlessly rocks a perfectly smooth, matte lip! This often makes us wonder if we wrote it off too soon. So here’s to unraveling secret tips to finally mastering that sought after matte technique.

5 Secret Tips That’ll Keep Your Matte Lipstick From Drying Out!

Step 1

Matte Lipsticks

Use a brush to gently buff off dead skin from your lips. Matte formulas tend to cling onto dry patches and accentuate them.

Step 2

Matte Lipsticks

Apply a liberal amount of lip balm and move on to the rest of your makeup. This gives the balm time to absorb. Once ready, blot off excess balm with a tissue to make sure the color adhere properly onto your lips.

Step 3

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Apply some lip primer. It really does make a difference when you’re wearing heavily pigmented shades. It fills in the fine lines and gives an extra smooth surface for your color.

Step 4

Matte Lipsticks

Apply your matte lipstick of choice.Liquid lipsticks are fairly lightweight on your lips and have a slim applicator for reaching the corners of our mouth. Stick to just one, even layer. Matte lipsticks (especially liquid ones) can start to get streaky if you use too much

Step 5

Matte Lipsticks

Problems with wobbly lines? That’s OK. Clean up mistakes with a bit of concealer. This also creates a barrier between your lips and the surrounding skin so your color is less likely to bleed.

Rocking a matte lipstick would need a little more effort upfront, but on the plus side, you won’t have to deal with constant touch-ups throughout the day.

 Pop those Mattes this Winter!!Matte Lipsticks

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