Have you ever come across someone around you who inspires you, motivates you and encourages you to be more? If yes, this is your chance to talk about that one person and let the world know how awesome he/she is.

Spoyl Summer Intership Programme’s Task 2 gives you the opportunity to talk about that one person this week- It could actually be anyone, someone known or a complete stranger!

The aim is to capture moments of what makes your city. What is a city if not it’s people? Your task is to make the world hear all the voices that your city has to offer because we believe any city of India thrives on the spirit of the people from different ethnicities, cultures, religions and backgrounds that makes it so vivacious.

All you have to do:

1. Look Around

Go out and look for that one particular person who inspires you from your city. Be it your mom, the neighbour, an athlete or just anyone who makes a difference.

2. What’s The Story?

Once who have found out who you would like to feature- time to document that person’s story. Click pictures or work on a small video clip. You have to submit a PPT/small video/document on superinterns@spoyl.in. Also share the same on Facebook Group: https://goo.gl/tsoKGJ

3. Hashtag Game

Psst… You gotta use the right hashtags! Don’t forget to use #superinternsofspoyl & #HumansofMyCity while sharing on Social Media.

4. Get Famous!

We will feature Top 5 stories on Spoylrs’ Journal!

What are you waiting for Super Interns? No time to waste! Go out and send us your #HumanofMyCity story ASAP!