When you buy new clothes or accessories, you always look for products that are durable and are of a high quality. You want sturdy garments that you can move in without having to worry about ripping seams or popping buttons. Clothes that keep the same shape they had when you bought them. Clothes that neither stretch out nor shrink over time. Things that fit the shape of your body, not distort your silhouette or restrict your movements.But in reality, some clothes shrink and tear after their very first wash. Here are 7 tips that will help you identify the quality of products and avoid wasting your money.

7 Tips To Help You Identify The Quality Of Products!

1. Folds & Wrinkles

Identify The Quality Of Products

Grab the fabric, and squeeze it tightly in your fist for a few seconds. If the fabric looks like crumpled paper, it means the garment has been treated with a special agent to keep its shape. Such clothes will start looking like a rug after the first wash.

2. Gap Between The Seams

Identify The Quality Of Products

Quality items have dense stitches and thick seams. Gently try pulling stitched pieces apart. If the seams show gaps, you are looking at a piece of junk.

3. Zipper Lengths

Identify The Quality Of Products

Zippers on dresses, skirts, or any other kinds of clothes should be e even and match in colour. If they are not even, there is a high chance of them getting stuck and breaking.

4. Tug The Ribbed fabrics

Identify The Quality Of Products

A quality item will always keep its shape. Take a stretchy ribbed part of a dress or a skirt, tug at it, and then let go. If the fabric loses its shape, you are looking at cheap and low-quality fabric.

5. Thread Colour & Stitch Pattern

Identify The Quality Of Products

Examine fabric patterns and thread colours. If patterns do not match and stitches are made with threads of different colours, it is a clear sign that this item was made in a hurry. Quantity was probably a priority here, not quality.

6. Label On The Garments

Identify The Quality Of Products

Natural fabrics, such as cotton, silk, and wool, are strong and more durable than synthetics. However, 100% cotton can quickly shrink after washing. That is why it is always a good idea to choose clothes that contain 5-30% of artificial fabrics (viscose, polyester, nylon, etc). These clothes won’t stretch out and will serve you much longer.

7. Colour Fastness

Identify The Quality Of Products

If the colouring on the handles, straps, or fastenings looks faded or leaves marks on the folds, then the apparel is probably of low quality. The same goes for when one part of the item looks lighter or darker than the rest. This kind of colouring will gradually fade after several washes.

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