It’s Time To Look At Rajkummar Rao’s Style Statement!

All of us have appreciated and lauded actor Rajkummar Rao for his amazing performances in Bollywood films. There is nothing left to say when it comes to praising actor’s acting chops. Moreover, the actor has now transcended the boundaries of his career as this year he is having one Hollywood film under his wing. It is now time to shift our focus from his great acting skills to impressive fashion choice that actor posses. This is because lately, the ‘Stree’ actor is grabbing a lot of eyeballs regarding his clothing style.

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In a recent promotional event in Mumbai. Rajkummar Rao surprised his fans by acquiring a different yet fashionable look. He was spotted wearing a black T-shirt above which he donned black and white checkered jacket. This form of styling for upper is rarely seen but the way Rajkummar carried it was so impressive that it has attained stylists’ attention.

For the bottoms, the ‘Bareily Ki Barfi’ actor chose a simple look. He wore black jeans and for footwear, he chose to go with black and white shoes. The overall mien of the actor looked really modish and is soon going to become favorite ‘style choice’ of the young boys out there.

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