Ranveer Singh Proves Himself As A Trendsetter Once Again!

Ranveer Singh's Look

It is not a secret that Ranveer Singh surprises his fans time and again with different style appearances. Sometimes he makes us go ‘wow’ and sometimes he leaves us startled! But whatever he does in the world of fashion definitely catch eyeballs! The actor who has impressed us with his magnificent performances in Bollywood movies has lately made a style statement which is definitely a huge thumbs up!

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Recently, he was spotted in Mumbai at a media event where he looked as dashing as it can get. He donned a navy blue hood jacket which thoroughly complemented his ripped physique. For the bottom, he wore grey lowers. For footwear he chose to go with white pair of shoes. A white pair of footwear goes well with every outfit. Witty choice of the ‘hero’! Is it not?

This look is so amazing that boys can wear it for casual outings and can even sport this look for their workout sessions. So, what do you think guys? Where will you don this look? To the gym or to the college? Comment your opinions below.

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