Crop Tops Which Alia Bhatt Loves To Wear!

Alia Bhatt is the actress who has proved her mettle in Bollywood in a very short span of time. She chose the hard way to success and pulled-off the demanding roles in Hindi Cinema with finesse. Along with her hard-hitting acting skills, Alia is also known for her style and looks in the glamour world. Here, we give you some of her popular appearances where she is seen donning and flaunting crop tops. Read on!

Crop Top With Shorts

Black Crop Top

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Black is classy and Alia proves this in a magnificent manner. She was clicked at a media event donning the inky top which she paired with printed, loose shorts. Going for a day out at a mall with your buddies or going to a beach, this styling of crop top looks perfect for most of the casual outings.

Magic Of White

White High-Neck Crop Top

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  1. White High-Neck Crop Top

White shade exudes subtlety no matter which attire is concerned. The same is true for crop tops as well. Alia, in one of her photoshoots, sported white, high-neck crop top which she paired with off-white jeans and off-white jacket. This monochromatic combination looked soothing and stylish at the same time.

Crop Top With Skirt

Plain Crop Top
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  1. Plain Crop Top

Alia Bhatt made another attractive fashion statement when she wore a half-sleeved crop top with a multi-colored skirt. This dressing sense clearly proves that crop tops can be paired with mid-length skirts and this can make the mien no less stylish than any other outfit.

Lining Crop Top

Lining Crop Top

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  1. Lining Crop Top

The Tee-style crop tops are one of the favorites of college-going girls today. Thanks to Alia Bhatt once again. She has been spotted wearing the lining crop tops now and again during her commute to the movie sets at many places in Mumbai. She even posted a picture wearing black and white lining crop top, paired with black bottom wear, while she was on a shoot in ‘Mehboob Studios’ in Mumbai.

 Simple Crop Tee

Blue Crop Top

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  1. Blue Crop Top

Young and energetic Alia was seen clad in a pair of white, wide-legged pants and a dark blue crop top recently at a media event in Mumbai. The standout thing was that the hue of Alia’s top was complementing her skin tone perfectly. Also, contrasting shades of her top wear and pants looked captivating and this style is quickly gaining attention among young girls currently.


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