Karan Wahi talks about Spoyl collaboration, rise to stardom, and his fave pickup line

Karan Wahi X Spoyl

With a killer fashion sense, dedicated work ethic and energy-loaded persona, Karan Wahi has joined hands with Spoyl for the biggest collaboration of the year. In a recent interview with Spoyl, Karan Wahi opened up about his acting career, school memories and more.

Here are some highlights:

  1. What excited you about Spoyl to collaborate with us for your collection? What are you looking forward to with this collaboration?

Spoyl is a great platform for me to connect with my audiences through my style. Watch out for ‘The Boyfriend T-Shirt’ 😛

  1. Do you think Spoyl is different from other fashion e-com websites? How?

Spoyl is a great e-commerce platform that translates my sense of style into my capsule collection. From concept to development, Spoyl and I have worked closely in curating styles, choosing quirky quotes for T-shirts and most importantly keeping the collection trendy yet comfortable.

  1. Everyone knows you have a great taste in fashion. What inspired you to design your collection?

Everyone knows that I have a very laid back and casual style and SPOYL gave me a great platform to showcase casual wear for every occasion and still make a statement. My collection, as you, will see, is inspired by my personality, thoughts and something that I strongly believe in with a hint of humour. I am quite positive that my fans will love the collection.

  1. On your journey to stardom, what are some of the biggest obstacles you’ve faced and how did you overcome them?

After Remix when the offers started coming in, I began over thinking about the role offered or the fees promised and I landed up saying no to a lot of projects. During that period I had actually signed 7 films instead, but my bad luck, that none of them took off. I was 22-years then and just wanted to enjoy life so I started travelling the world alone and then I suddenly realized that I was out of money.

That’s when it hit me that I needed to do something. I landed up doing the reality show Mr & Mrs Television and started going to a lot of auditions to find work. After quite a struggle, I bagged Dil Mil Gaye. I always believe that Remix gave me my Stardom and Dil Mil Gaye got it back for me and then fast track to Sacred games which are quite popular amongst audiences

  1. What would be your advice to our readers on how to make it big in life?

Stay true to who you are and keep working hard. Also, don’t forget that one hobby you love and make time for it.

  1. What was your best pinch-me moment?

There are many but the one that comes to me right now is when I had gone back to Delhi after ‘Remix’. I honestly did not anticipate the response that my character got and there were people stopping me on the street for an autograph or just to catch a glimpse. That feeling is something that always drives me.

  1. Would you shave your head for a role?

Yes? No? Maybe?! It depends on the script. If my character demands it, sure, why not? Bring it on! Having said that, I am almost obsessed with my hair, so the role has to be a pretty big deal for me.

  1. Where would you take a girl on a first date?

First dates should be chilled-out, easy and relaxed because you can talk more, get to know each other more and worry about the place less! Definitely not a coffee shop because a lot can happen over coffee, but not a coffee shop. So a dinner, brunch or sundowner, maybe?

  1. What would you like wear on a date night?

I don’t believe in getting ready especially for a date. I would rather be myself all the time and not pretend to be somebody else. This, however, doesn’t mean that I will go dressed shabbily on a date looking like I am going to the gym. It could something like a T-shirt, denim and cool pair of shoes. I really feel that good footwear says a lot about you. Ideally something semi-casual depending on the location.

  1. What’s the most romantic thing you have ever done for someone?

I have not done anything romantic for ages now. I was too filmy in my early 20s. I have done all the sweet, filmy and mushy things. All song and dance! However, the most romantic thing that some can do for their partner is that I have believed in them.

  1. What’s your fave pickup line?

I didn’t have to use too many pickup lines in my lifetime thankfully. I once used a pickup line on a woman and it worked, it made her laugh. So I was wearing knee pads in the gym and this girl came to me and said why are you wearing knee pads, you not even doing the legs? I said because I know you will come to the gym and you make me go weak in the knees. It was stupid and funny, plus it worked for me.

  1. Is there anything you always travel with, always? 😉

Cellphone, wallet, hairdryer (I know it is weird but I am very finicky about my hair), t-shirt, denim and one of my favourite perfumes.

  1. Who is your dream co-star?

Has to be Sandra Bullock!

  1. What’s the most memorable moment from your school days at St. Marks?

I studied at St Mark’s Senior secondary high school. I was one of the students who loved going to school. I have many memorable moments from my school days. My mother was the vice principal of the school so there haven’t been many mad or naughty moments. I was a part of the drama society, the music club, debate club and all kind of sporting activities. But Cricket and Football top the list.

Everything related to cricket has been memorable. There was a fashion based competition in Delhi. Over 23 schools participated and I represented my school there. That was another memorable moment because this led to a lot of people accepting me with the fact that I was talented enough and not just the vice principal’s son. My school friends are still my friends. My school life was definitely memorable!

We are excited already! Are you?

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Stay tuned!

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